On an Island unseen by those of the 'Far Lands', River and his bird Mohawk must face the biggest challenge of their lives. An unknown group of people have arrived to plunder his home for it's 'special qualities', of which River himself does not fully understand.
One thing he does know.... He will fight to the death to protect his home and uncover secrets from his own life along the way.


3. Chapter 2

Mohawk sat pruning his feathers, running his miniature tongue along the length of each quill to clean himself. The bird looked up at me casually as I threw my catch onto the table with a thud before returning to his feathers. It took me four hours to catch the rabbit this time, almost double the time it would usually take me and not just because this one was impeccably fast. The flighty thing had even managed to swerve out the way of two of my arrows, darting left and then right in quick succession before I sank the third into the back of it's head.

No, something is happening now and it's big. For the past few days the usual bustle of wildlife and insects has dwindled to almost nothing at all, as though they are all just dying out or hiding. But from what I'm not sure. Maybe they have found our camp and are waiting in the thicket to catch me unawares, not that they would stand a chance against my wire traps. Father had always told me you must protect yourself when sleeping in the wild at night, especially here with the 'Heenas'. I have only seen one once, many years ago, they arrive in packs but most stay hidden behind the safety of trees and bushes to camouflage themselves while one lone Heena takes point, creeping into your camp to find any weaknesses before sloping off to inform his friends.

Of course my Father had taken a bad injury that night, the shadow of it was big enough to let me know we were in danger and when it's three rows of razor sharp teeth sank into his flesh I thought we were dead then and there. Yet the Island saw fit to protect my Father. Small orbs of bright yellow and green light floated down from the trees calmly and almost too slowly. The Heena looked as confused as us and when every single orb darted towards it, the beast screamed and burst into what seemed like a trillion peices of dust.

I heard the rest scurry away after that and they've not been back since. Now the Island is threatened I'm not sure I will be as safe as I was back then. She is scared, I can feel it as though they are my own emotions, both of us as one. The feeling I once got of power, swelling from inside me has become something of a damp squib now.

The rabbit was almost fully gutted and skinned when I heard it. Mohawk's head swivelled round completely to confirm he had heard it too. The sharp whirring sound.....then a snap.....and definitely a scream as the wire enters flesh and bone with sickening ease. Someone is in our camp which makes us the vulnerable one. Quick as a flash the rabbit was covered over to mask the smell, Mohawk took flight before settling on my right shoulder, I grabbed my bow, notched a steel tip arrow, pointed it in the direction of the scream and waited.  

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