On an Island unseen by those of the 'Far Lands', River and his bird Mohawk must face the biggest challenge of their lives. An unknown group of people have arrived to plunder his home for it's 'special qualities', of which River himself does not fully understand.
One thing he does know.... He will fight to the death to protect his home and uncover secrets from his own life along the way.


2. Chapter 1

My name is River. I've been alone here since I can remember, lost at first, wondering where I was. The ship me and Father had sailed on from the far lands was in hundreds of different parts now, the rocks saw to that. He had told me we were 'going home'. Of course at the time I was merely a little boy, soft and squidgy like most people from over there. Not like now, now I am strong, fast and deadly. How it was meant to be.

With Father missing I was scared, alone and hungry. I think I managed thirty whole days without food, yet somehow no fever came. All the squidgy stuff that covered me was still there. That's when i realised how special this Island is. Every branch of every tree seemed to breath with me, whenever I ventured out into the forests every step I took felt safe like this was my domain, no one could hurt me.

Years later I now realise I was wrong. Sure this place still keeps me alive but that breathing, before so fluid and calmly was becoming erratic. Every step I take now, the Island urges me to untake it. Danger is everywhere. I had been here almost four years, growing stronger, more sure footed. The Mottled Beach was my favourite place to go then, I would play by the ocean, creating towering castles of sand and seaweed. One day I was using my newly crafted spear from the hull of our ruined sailing boat when I saw it.

The biggest ship I had ever laid eyes on was heading straight for my home. Big, metal and bulky. Electronic gadgets covering most of its deck, I knew instantly they weren't allowed here and so did the Island. The storm had made short work of their ship, tearing it in two but that gave birth to smaller boats and a troop of other people that wanted this place for their own.

All these years later, they are trapped here, unable to leave. None of their gadgets work and most of them couldn't make weapons as I could yet they are not to be underestimated, I learned that the hard way the day one of them shattered my leg with an arrow. I still don't know what they want with my home but I do know that I am willing to die to protect it.

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