On an Island unseen by those of the 'Far Lands', River and his bird Mohawk must face the biggest challenge of their lives. An unknown group of people have arrived to plunder his home for it's 'special qualities', of which River himself does not fully understand.
One thing he does know.... He will fight to the death to protect his home and uncover secrets from his own life along the way.


1. Prologue

The problem with me is, I've never really loved anyone before, not like your supposed to. Sure i have told people in the past that i loved them but i never truly felt it inside.

No butterflies, no tingly feeling when their skin touches mine, nothing. Maybe i am incapable of it, or maybe i just don't want to feel it. That's what makes you weak, tears away the fabric of every instinctual thought you would have ever had. When your like me, your immune to all that and that's what makes me dangerous, because me, i have nothing left to lose. Not counting my sidekick of course, where would I be without Mohawk. Probably dead in fact, the bird had saved me more times than i care to remember, once pulling bits of splintered arrow from a puncture wound in my right calf with his beak. I screamed a little at first, until i passed out, but he must of carried on regardless, when i woke later the wound had stopped gushing blood and was already healing.

Normally, on the far lands where they move about repetitively like a colony of ants, driving, working, eating and shitting in little white bowls, wounds like this would take weeks, maybe even months to fully heal. In a few hours i knew i would be fighting fit again, no matter the injury.  See this island I live on, I say 'live', I am mainly just surviving, it is special, no, more than that, it is alive......

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