My Big Bully.

This is for the bullying comp. It's about two sisters who, one who has a habit of being cruel.


1. Every, single, day.

Every, single, day. I am scared of my sister, the one I am supposed to look up to is a living nightmare. In a horror film nobody has to live through it because its not real, and they can go home and sleep and live and text and do what normal people do because the film was fake, not real, costituita. In my life, the plot constantly thickens and the crazy murderer or whoever is not going anywhere. At night, when I would do anything to dream of make-up or shoes or a certain hunky vampires and werewolves, she whispers through the walls 'Lucy Lucy, are you crying, because of your "special needs", or your spindly legs like a horrible, little spider, climbing up the walls and lowering to your arm as you sleep, then poisoning you and you then have a slow painful horrible death.' Sometimes if Iv'e spoken to anyone at all or cried, then she will come through and lie down beside me, building up suspense and taking a long time to speak and settle. 'IIIIIIIIIII know why your  sad, it's the pain, isn't it.' She says it so sweetly but then she pulls my arm and kicks me. I'm trapped in her little game and she keeps rolling sixes and gets a double go. One day, she will stop, when she gets sent to a crazy house. There are rumors in school, about her. I get teased and she watches and laughs. In her mind. My torment is shredding me into pieces. Since mum and dad left its just me and her, she started of normal like any other twenty year old. Now she feeds of my pain. There are posters in school about childline, but if she caught me looking at them she would kill me, slowly. She watches me everywhere, like a hawk ready to crush a victim when they are at there weakest. I am the victim. I need help.

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