The Room

In this story, the character tells of their life, which is mainly spent in one room...
Will it be a haven, or will it destroy her?......


2. 1

The sky is deadly black. A vast nothingness above ground where stars and planets sit wasting space. Most people will gaze at it for hours in wonder, amazement and love. I will stare at it for hours, wondering why it is so loved. I am not impressed by it's so-called 'beauty', it reminds me of putting a blanket on top of a hamster cage, not that hamsters care. So as I perch on my bed, staring out my window at the world in it's midnight peacefulness, my mind travels to emptiness, and I lye down and close my eyes, my eyeballs still staring forward under a blanket of thin skin. The Room silently greets me and I stay there until the sun burns my skin-blankets and I see another room, full of materialistic items that mean nothing to me.

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