I Give Up

So my life is a little messed up. I'm 14 years old, my name is Ace Alex and you'll see soon, my life is anything but normal. Family? School? Happiness? I don't understand.


3. Runaway


            I’m in the back of this room. There are tables with chairs, 4 tables on both side of the door, lined against the wall, the chairs set facing the front of the room where the main desk was. I was by the door in one of the chairs. Barely listening to what they’re saying. Until I hear my name. I glance up and listen as they say “Ace shall be saying with his grandmother, Marjory Alex next Monday.”             After that I stopped listening. I vaguely caught the part where I was to be sent somewhere to stay a few nights until Monday, the day I am to be flown back to my grandma’s place. In one way, I want to go be with her again, get away from everything. But in another, the thought of it terrifies me. I hate change. I can’t stand it. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, wouldn’t you?


            I can’t take this, I decide. I look around and realize no one’s paying attention to me. I quietly slip out of the room and it amazes me that they don’t realize sooner. I run down the halls quickly, going back the way we came from. I make it to the door and open it, tripping as I step out of the building but quickly catch myself, thanking God for my good balance and quick reflexes.  I continue running. I don’t know where I’m going yet. I need to decide quickly. I make a split second decision that wasn’t entirely on my part when I run down the sidewalk to see the sidewalk and roads closed. I turn and run the opposite direction, back to my house. The last place on earth I’d rather be.

            I’m running as fast as I can to my house. It’s only a mile and I’m the fastest running in my school. I should make it in less than 10 minutes. I need to be quick, I think. They might try looking for me at my house once they realize I’m gone.


            I get there after a close encounter with a semi-truck and run in through the back door, quickly grabbing my backpack and unzip it, spilling out all of my textbooks and papers from school. I try to think quick, wondering what I’d need to bring. I give up thinking and just grab a few knives. I grab half a loaf of bread and random snacks, anything in sight really. I quickly shove those into the bag and race upstairs. I grab an extra hoodie and my sisters’ necklace. Do I sound insane yet? Don’t worry; she won’t even realize it’s gone. It’s a really long story. But she isn’t around right now.

            I hear car doors outside and start to panic. I put the backpack on and run to my bedroom window, jumping out and clinging to the tree five feet away from the house. And I wonder why people call me monkey.             So basically, I just jumped out of a two story window and I’m currently clinging to a tree outside my bedroom window. Yes, I probably am insane. I quickly climb down, trying to be as quiet as possible. When I’m almost to the bottom, only about five more feet to go, the branch I’m standing on breaks and I fall to the ground. Not daring to let it be known how much that hurt my wrist, I bite my lip and wait a second. Until I hear, “What was that!?” I curse under my breath, annoyed that they were even looking for me. Then I hear footsteps coming my way. I can’t let them catch me.


            I get up and quickly run into the woods and hide in the shadow of a tree, hoping they don’t look around too much.             “Search the woods!” I hear.             They just have to complicate things for me don’t they? What do I do now? I have to think quickly. I hear footsteps coming closer. I crouch down in the shadow of the tree and try to hide in the ivy surrounding it. I’m wearing a black hoodie and dark blue jeans so it shouldn’t be that hard to see me. The officer walks right past me, about ten feet away. I don’t even dare breathe. I wait quietly, begging God in my mind to let them not catch me.

            After a few minutes of searching, they leave and I sigh in relief. I take a quick look around and then run like hell to for the next half hour about. Jumping over fallen trees, rocks, crawling under branches, and trudging through mud, and streams. I finally stop at a rather grassy area and try to catch my breath. I’m breathing hard, quick, sharp breaths that feel like someone shoving daggers into my lungs. I guess you could say today was quite an adventure.

            After catching my breath, I decide to set a snare trap. I’ve always been good with snares honestly. I’ve set them before and I find it very amusing actually. I find some vines and decide to use them considering I have nothing better to use for it. As I start to set it up I realize my hands itch a lot. I look at them and realize I’ve gotten into poison ivy. “Great,” I groan.

            My voice actually startled me. I haven’t heard anyone’s voice in almost an hour, just the sound of the woods. And even the sound of my own voice surprises me. It echoes around the woods, sound waves bouncing off the trees, carrying the sound of my voice throughout the woods. I have no idea how to treat poison ivy other that medication from the doctor so I just finish setting the snare and try not to scratch at all. I lay down with my back against three trees that grew rather close together. I feel somewhat guarded by them and after a while I drift off to sleep.


            I have a nightmare about my sister. I can hear her bones crushing under his fingertips. Then I wake with a start, realizing those weren’t bones. I hear the sound of twigs snapping under feet. I don’t dare move. I can tell it’s not human. I hear grunting sounds almost. I stay very still until a huge black bear comes into sight. My jaw drops in disbelief and I watch it slowly walk past. I watch until it’s completely gone. I shake my head and stand, trying to forget about it and think of it as just a dream.

            There are so many weird things happening. What’s going on nowadays? I was about 50 feet over to the snare when I realize there a rabbit there, hanging by its foot, about 5 feet off the ground. It’s still alive. It must have recently been caught. It’s panicking now that it’s seen me and I feel bad for it. In one swift motion, I unhook the vine from the tree and cut the rabbits feet free and watch it as it runs away. I sigh and lay down, eating a few pieces of bread. I don’t have much of an appetite anyways so the meat probably would have gone to waste. I have my back leaning against a birch tree and I look around, realizing that it’s getting dark. I can’t help but wonder what I’m going to do anymore. 

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