I Give Up

So my life is a little messed up. I'm 14 years old, my name is Ace Alex and you'll see soon, my life is anything but normal. Family? School? Happiness? I don't understand.


2. Maybe

          I wake up and the sun's shining brightly into my room. I lay on my back and turn my head to look at how the sun casts patterns across my wall. I hear pounding on the door downstairs and someone shouts "OPEN UP THIS IS THE POLICE!" I sigh and roll out of bed, already expecting this. As I look around I realize nothing's the same. That nothing ever will be again.  I walk downstairs to see my step father getting arrested. The police tell me to get into the car and I obey wordlessly.

          Sitting in the back of the car, there's someone next to me. I didn't even realize until she spoke up. The officer kept talking, asking me questions that I only answered with a simple nod or shake of the head. I know she was trying to cheer me up, only trying to help. But no one can help me right now. No one. I'm alone. She seems nice, kindhearted, I just don't know how to reply to her.            We arrive at the police station and another police officer come up and opens my door and let's me out. After I get out, I turn back and bend over, looking at the police officer, quickly glancing at her name tag, then into her eyes and say, "Thank you Officer Sandusky. I appreciate it."            She smiles and replies, "Anytime Ace. Things will get better.            I turn and allow the other officer escort me into the building, through winding halls, letting Officer Sandusky's words run through my head and thinking she's wrong. Things won't get better.            I take my seat and wait patiently until someone comes to get me. They tell me that I have to go back to Wisconsin. To live with my grandma. The only person that won't hurt me. Next Monday. So soon.. Well I don't object. But I honestly don't wanna go anywhere. I don't want to do anything. I don't even want to breathe anymore. I sigh and try to remember what day it is. I give up and say "Excuse me, what day is it?"            "Friday, please be ready Ace," one of the younger female officers answer.            "Yes Ma'am" I sigh.

           I wonder what will happen. I don't wanna go back to grandma. No offense to her. I'm just not ready. Maybe I should just run away...

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