I Give Up

So my life is a little messed up. I'm 14 years old, my name is Ace Alex and you'll see soon, my life is anything but normal. Family? School? Happiness? I don't understand.


1. I Give Up

          As I lay here in my bed, my pillow over my head, clutching my teddy bear, tears running down my face as I run through everything that was said and done in my mind, I whisper, "I give up.." That's when I hear a voice in my mind whisper back, "You can't give up. Give it one more try. I'll help you."

          The voice was clear as a bell. It confused me, almost frightened me. For it wasn't my voice, it was the voice of a girl. I didn't understand Why would a random girls voice be telling me not to give up? I'm not sure. Weird stuffs been going on recently. I'm always confused now.

          I guess I should introduce myself. My name's Ace Alex. I'm 14 years old and pretty tall. I'm 6 foot, exactly. I'm blonde with blue eyes and rather quiet. I don't like to talk, I keep a lot of things to myself. For a very good reason. I've been going through a lot recently. Mom and dad? School? Normal? What's that? My life is completely messed up. As you'll soon see.

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