I Give Up

So my life is a little messed up. I'm 14 years old, my name is Ace Alex and you'll see soon, my life is anything but normal. Family? School? Happiness? I don't understand.


6. Airport


Chapter 5: Airport

            My driver fetches my bags from the trunk of the car then hands them to me. I thank him, feeling like a million people are staring at me. He pulls away and I look at the doors I’m about to walk through. I take a deep breath, straighten my shoulders, and walk in. I look around, suddenly worrying a lot more than I thought I would. I forgot I hate airports.

            I go to check in and they hand me my ticket.

            “Thank you ma’am,” I say to the lady that hands me my ticket.

            “You’re welcome, have a good day,” She replies.

            I’m flying United Airlines. I look around and see the security check through for United Airlines and walk over to it. Yay, security, fun. Not. I patiently wait in line, striking up a small conversation with the person in front of me, a young girl who looks to be about 17 years old. She’s a bit older than me, but still young compared to the guy behind me.

            “Where are you going to?” I ask her, trying not to sound like a complete stalker.

            “Alaska,” She replies with a smile.

            “Awesome, I want to go there.”

            “It’s a really beautiful place, where are you going?” she asks politely. She seems very kind. She’s still shorter than me even though she seems older. But really, who can compete with a 6 foot tall guy?

            “Wisconsin,” I say blandly.

            “Oh my god, I want to go there so bad,” She says with a huge smile on her face.

            “Really? Wanna switch tickets?” I laugh.

            “Yes, yes I do,” She says in a matter of fact way.

            “I wish we could,” I say smiling.

            “Yeah but are you going to see your family?” she asks.

            “Kinda. I’m moving.” I say quietly.

            “Oh really, out of Washington? What for?”

            “It’s a long story,” I reply softly, letting the conversation drop as it’s our turn to remove our shoes, jewelry, change, and anything metal we may have on us.

            I take my hoodie off, my lucky necklace off, and then set my bags and stuff in those plastic containers and let them run down the conveyer belt. I walk through the metal detector and I don’t set it off so I feel relieved.

            I grab my stuff, quickly getting out of everyone’s way. I stop at a metal bench and put my shoes and hoodie back on, putting my lucky necklace in my pocket so I don’t lose it. That necklace means so much to me; I wouldn’t be able to even sleep without it.

            I stand and pick up my bags, trying to look brave as I take my first step but trip. I catch myself before falling but a little girl, probably about the age of 6 starts laughing at me. I ignore it and walk away, toward my gate. Wait, what gate am I supposed to get to?

            I look at my ticket and it says E26. I’m at A4. I have a bit of walking to do, I guess. I start walking and see a Burger King as I walk by but don’t stop. It sounds rather good but I probably wouldn’t eat more than three bites without throwing up. I keep walking, looking around at all the different things. Seeing the odd shops and random shoe shining stations which in my eyes, seems incredibly meaningless.

            Feeling the cool air hit me as I walk through the airport. I turn left toward the E gates as the sign directs. I walk, trying to look confident as I walk to my gate. My flight boards in 20 minutes. I’m in section 7 so I’ll be boarding probably around 40 minutes. Maybe 35, I’m not sure. I’m just guessing. I take a seat at my gate, sitting with my shoulders back, still keeping a mask on basically.

            I wonder why everyone’s here, where they’re going. What there plans are. Of course I’d never jut randomly ask. I look to my left and see a young girl sitting next to her mother. Probably about 6 years old. Then to my right, there’s an older man reading a book. New Moon? From the twilight series? I wonder why he’d be reading that. That seems a bit off. I’ll ask him.

            “Sir, I see you’re reading New Moon, is it any good?” I ask politely, respecting him because he was obviously older than me.

            “Yeah it’s actually really good. My granddaughter asked me to read the Twilight books, she really likes them,” He replies with a smile.

            “Awesome, I should read them sometime,” I say.

            “You read?” he asks, seeming surprised.

            I nod and reply “Yeah, I do, I love books.”

            “That’s very good,” he says.

            They begin boarding ground one, the first class people. The man stands and says, “I hope you have a good flight.

            “You too sir,” I say quietly.

            While I’m waiting, the little girl to my left asks me what my name is. I smile and say, “My name’s Ace. What’s your name?”

            “Joy,” she says in a cheerful voice.

            I laugh and say, “I like that name. It suits you.”

            “Thank you,” she says smiling.

            “You’re welcome, Joy.”

            “Ace, you’re very handsome,” she says sweetly.

            “Aww thank you, you’re very pretty,” I say to her. She seems so cute.

            “Thank you Ace. How old are you?”

            “I’m 14, how old are you?”

            “I’m 6 years old,” she says.

            “Aw,” I say. I was close, I guessed about 7 years old at least.

            “Aw? What does that mean?”

            “I’m not sure, I’m really tired.” I say.

            Over the announcement speaker I hear, “Boarding section 7 for flight to Minneapolis St. Paul.” I stand and so do they.

            I walk over and stand in line, waiting to get on the plane. They scan my ticket and I walk onto the plane, walking back to find my seat. I get to my seat and put my bags in the overhead compartment. I take the seat next to the window, my seat it right over the wing. I always like the wing seat.

            The little girl comes and sits next to me and the mother sits on the aisle seat next to her saying, “Well here’s out seat.”

            I smile, happy that I get to sit next to Joy rather than another complete stranger.

            I sit back and wait for the flight to leave when Joy taps my shoulder and says “Ace! Hey! Guess what?”

            “What?” I ask her.

            “I get to sit next to you!” she says with a huge grin.             I laugh and say, “I noticed, I’m glad.” 

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