I Give Up

So my life is a little messed up. I'm 14 years old, my name is Ace Alex and you'll see soon, my life is anything but normal. Family? School? Happiness? I don't understand.


7. Airplane


            I sit back as I hear the one of the flight attendants say over the speaker, “Please fasten your seatbelts, turn off all electronics, and make sure all of your luggage is stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, as we prepare for departure. Thank you.”

            I already have my luggage where it should be and I don’t have any electronics with me so I just fasten my seatbelt and lean back, looking out the window across the wing. I quickly look away because the sun is reflecting off the wing into my eyes. For one day it’s actually sunny in Washington.

            I look over at Joy and she seems nervous so I ask, “Are you scared Joy?”

            “Yes,” she replied hesitantly.

            “Aw is this your first time flying?” I ask her.

            “No, mommy says I flew when I was really little but I don’t remember.”

            I laugh a little at this and say, “It’ll be ok, don’t worry.” I look up and see her mother smiling at me.

            I reach over Joy and hold my hand out and say, “Hey, my name’s Ace Alex.”

            She smiles and shakes my hand, “Such a nice young gentleman, nice to meet you Ace, my names MaKenna Phelps.”

            “Nice to meet you too ma’am, Thank you,” I say politely, setting my hands in my lap.

            “You’re welcome Ace, and call me MaKenna, please. Ma’am makes me sound old.”

            I smile and laugh a little then say, “Alright MaKenna.”

            She pulls a book out and begins to read as the plane is slowly taxied to the runway, the engines getting ready to go. Joy gets scared and says, “Ace, can you hold my hand?”

            I smile and hold my hand out saying, “Sure.”

            She puts her hand in mine and I hold it. “Thank you Ace,” She says.

            I smile and nod then look out the window as the plane gets to the runway. The engines get louder and the plane picks up a little speed. We go down the runway then turn around and go back down. Joy holds onto my hand and looks scared. I lightly squeeze her hand and look down at her, trying to let her know that everything will be alright. She smiles at me weakly then looks at her hand that I’m holding. I look back out the window as the planes front wheels rise off the ground. I feel her set her hand on my chest and grip my shirt, still holding my hand with her other hand.

            I hold her hand a little tighter and put my other arm around her and say, “Don’t worry its ok, don’t be scared.

            She loosens up on my shirt a bit and then lets go as the entire plane lifts off from the runway. It starts to level off a bit, just a gradual slope up higher and higher into the sky until the pilot comes onto the speaker and says, “This is the normal height we would turn the seatbelt sign off at but we’re running into some turbulence so we’re going to please ask you to remain seated with your seatbelts fastened unless necessary.

            I sigh and look down at Joy, realizing she’s already fallen asleep. I decided to follow her example and slowly drift off to sleep, ignoring the bumps we hit just as well as Joy does in her sleep.

            “Wake up Ace!” I hear someone yell in urgency. I open my eyes and I’m in my bed in my bedroom. I’m 10 years old again. I look around and see my little brother standing at the doorway. “Help! Daddy’s hurting Bubby!”

            “What..?” I ask in confusion. Not realizing this is a dream.

            Jack, my 6 year old brother runs over to me and grabs my hand, trying to pull me out of bed. “Ace, Bubby is getting hurt, make Daddy stop!”

            I give up trying to think and race out into the living room to see my step father standing above an unconscious blonde boy, my little four year old brother Jacob. I push my stepfather out of the way, kneeling beside my brother and checking for a pulse. I feel one but my stepfather grabs me by my neck, slamming me onto my back on the ground, his hand tightening as he yells “I’m not done yet!”

            I look up at him, terrified to say anything. He lets go of my neck and kicks my brother hard in his stomach. I start crying, knowing what he’s about to do.


            Joy pulls on my shirt sleeve and I jump, realizing I’m awake and I’m safe now. Unlike my brothers were.

            “Ace, are you ok?” Joy asks me.

            I smile and say, “Yup, I’m fine now. Are you still scared?”

            “No, I’m ok. Were you having a nightmare?”

            “Yeah, I was. But it’s no big deal.”

            “Were you scared? You seemed like you were scared.” She says, sounding concerned.

            “Yeah, I was. But I’m not anymore.”

            “Okay,” she says cheerfully.

            I hear the captain come on the speakers and say, “Please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare to descend.”

            I look down and see that I never took my seatbelt off then think, wait, have I seriously been asleep for 3 and a half hours? Amazing. 

            I look at Joy and she seems worried again. “Are you alright?” I ask her.

            “I’m scared Ace. I feel like the plane is gonna crash when we try to land.”

            “Aw, we won’t crash, don’t worry.”

            “Okay…” She says hesitantly. She holds her hand out again and I hold it as the plane starts to descend.

            I can feel my ears popping as we slowly descend. I swallow to make it easier to hear and look out the window. I see the ground getting closer and closer, the cars slowly coming into sight. The plane starts circling, getting ready to land. We come in closer, almost touching the runway and when I feel the wheels hit the ground. The plane starts to jerk a little as the pilot turns the breaks on, slowing the plane down, and the engines finally getting quieter as we slow down. I look over at Joy and she’s breathing hard.

            “Are you alright Joy?” I ask.

            “Yes, that was scary but it was fun too.”

            I laugh and say, “Well at least it was fun.”

            She nods and we unfasten our seatbelts as we’re taxied to the gate.

            I take a deep breath as the plane stops, the attendants voice coming on and saying, “Thank you for flying with United Airlines and I hope you choose our airline again. We’re opening the cabin door and you may now get your luggage and exit the plane.”

            I slowly stand, stretching and feeling stiff as I’ve been sitting for so long. I look around and my heart begins to pick up pace as that I realize I have to again get through the airport alone.

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