My Danny Daydream

Short story about a daydream about meeting Danny O'Donoghue from The Script.


1. My Danny Daydream

He was standing outside my room.

I gripped the sheets of the hospital bed so tightly that my knuckles went white. My heart thumped loudly, as anticipation sped up my throbbing pulse. My breath caught in my throat as I glimpsed the top of his head through the window of the white hospital door. Then all of a sudden, my musical idol was striding into the room, a huge grin lighting up his perfect face. Although he was dressed almost entirely in black, Danny O’Donoghue emitted a kind of warmth and happiness that I had never before witnessed in anyone I’d ever met. His thick, dark hair was lush, and I only just stopped myself from reaching out to run my hands through it!

“Hello Eloise! Someone told me about the big operation you’re having this afternoon, and that you love The Script’s music, so I just had to come and meet you!” Danny explained, as he shook my trembling hand, the warmth and care in his beautiful Irish accent taking away the usual formality of a handshake, and replacing it with reassurance and friendliness.

“Thank you for coming! You inspire me so much,” I gushed, wincing slightly at how over the top I sounded.

“I’m glad you like our music, would you mind if I sung to you?” Danny’s deep brown eyes glinted cheekily.

“I’d love that!” I cried enthusiastically.

I watched Danny as he sung, mesmerised. His amazing, unique voice washed over me like a magical medicine that could cure my terminal illness. When he finished, I clapped enthusiastically and laughed as he bowed to me.

“Thank you so much,” I whispered, overcome with emotion.

“Good luck Eloise!” Danny whispered back, leaning over to kiss my cheek. “These times are hard, but don’t give up baby!”

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