Red Apple

Faith is a girl with a dark secret, she can read minds. She has to fit in with the crowd, desperate not to stand out. She has a hidden weakness, blood, without it she feels like she can't go on. Until the day she dies...


1. Lost

I'm different, I know I am, its how I've always been. I knew I could never tell anyone my secret. If someone found out, my life would be over...

I remember the day it started, realising what I could do. I was eleven years old and  having an row with my best friend, that thought I was complety weird but she still put up with me, She wanted the bright red apple that was hanging on a branch, ripe and juicy, I grabbed it before she could and bit into it, it was the most beautiful thing I ever tasted she screamed at me and attacked me, pulling my hair and scratching my face. I kicked her hard in the chest, I remember our mum's trying to break us apart. "What the hell were you thinking, fighting like that in the street!" my mum yelled in the car on the way back home, I knew what I was thinking, but of course she wouldn't understand, no one ever did understand me. I focused  hard on her, hating and hating her.  I suddenly felt dizzy and felt like I was going to faint.. I woke up an hour later, lying on my sofa. My mum was standing above me calling my name, "what the hell were you thinking" playing again and again in my head. I looked up at her "What the hell are you thinking?" I thought. I heard a voice in my head, not my voice, saying "is she okay, its probably all the fighting she did, stupid girl."

"Mum?" I said quietly, she looked down at me, "Do you think I'm a horrible child?" She looked scared, like someone had just found out something secret about her but didn't answer. "Answer me mum, do you think I'm a horrible child?" Another long pause, until she said "no, not horrible, just... Different."

The voice in my head said different, the voice in my head sounded just like her, and that voice hated me.


I didn't really change much after that, nor tell anyone about the voices in my head. That wasn't the only thing that I kept secret from the world, I also hid my love for something, something that keeps everone alive, but kept me alive in a different way. Blood. I drank as much as I could, whenever I could. People have a name for blood-drinkers 'vampire.' Vampires hunt at night and prey on helpless victims, biting there necks and sucking out there blood, vampires are demons that human kind have come up with, vampires are evil. Unlike me, I don't prey on helpless human victims, I'm not a demon and I'm not evil. Vampires don't exist, I do.

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