Red Apple

Faith is a girl with a dark secret, she can read minds. She has to fit in with the crowd, desperate not to stand out. She has a hidden weakness, blood, without it she feels like she can't go on. Until the day she dies...


3. Hunt

I walked into a large forest, tall trees shielding me from all sunlight. My throat was completely dry by now, I needed it, more than I needed oxygen. I looked around for a bit. It was almost completely silent, apart from the crunching of the tree branches from underneath my feet. Crunch, crack, crunch, crack. The noise was starting to get to me, starting to play with my mind. I needed to block it out. I screamed as loud as I could.

I saw something small scuttle near a long, lanky pine tree. A squirrel maybe? I went in for the kill. I prowled like a cat in the leaves, reached out my hand, and grabbed it. It was some kind of rodent, I was too thirsty to see what it was. I quickly snapped its neck and sunk my teeth into its warm flesh. 

The blood on my tongue felt so good, I carried on sucking, the blood was oozing into my mouth. Nothing could ever beat the feeling, nothing.

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