Red Apple

Faith is a girl with a dark secret, she can read minds. She has to fit in with the crowd, desperate not to stand out. She has a hidden weakness, blood, without it she feels like she can't go on. Until the day she dies...


2. Birthday

It hit me, today was the day I turned sixteen, it didn't feel right some how, I felt so young. My mum wasn't there of course, she died a couple of years back, cancer. I didn't even miss her, everytime I thought of her I felt no sadness, no emptyness, That was what made me feel so evil. I lived on my on my own, I cared for myself, I felt that was easier than living with my dad who blamed me for my mothers death. I was up and ready for school, I brushed my waist-lenth black hair, grabbed my school bag and set off down the road. I always loathed going to school, I didn't have any friends of course and my teacher's hated me because I never paid attention. after school I would always stop at the butchers next to school to pick up some pigs blood or something. It was different today, I was sixteen. School was awful as usual. I sat by myself at lunch and daydreamed, I daydreamed about my past, That was the first time I did that in ages. I saw some people staring at me, I stared back. "What are you thinking?" I said in my head. "She sure is creepy, how come she always thinks and never talks, I feel kind of sorry for her." The voice said in my head. That was a change, normally people just think "Freak." After school I disided that now I was sixteen it was time I did my first hunt, not just go down the the butchers.

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