Underneath The Costume

Will she make it or will she fail miserably? The poor life of the girl next door is finally revealed. Can she defeat her enemys or is she too weak?


2. The Funeral.

I can feel his presence in the house, I know that today is the day that I burry my beloved brother Jake. By 10:30am I know that I need to start digging his grave if I'm still planning on burrying him today. Life would be so much easier if I was rich and able to afford a real funeral but unfortunetly life isn't generous to everyone and I'm just one of the unlucky ones. In the past i have thought about comitting suicide but my brother has always looked after me and that is what has stopped me but now there is nothing, my life is worthless.

My life has been bad since my parents died in a car crash when i was just 10 years old. My brother had to take over and be responsible for me even though he had only just hit his teen years and was 13. We had no choice but to leave our home as we knew we would end up in care, so we ran and lived without a home for three months. Luckily we found this abandoned house that is on it's own in the middle of a field which I am living in today. My brother went hunting everyday, he usually brought back rabbit or phesant but the odd time he would be lucky enough to catch a deer. We were waiting for him to turn 18 so that he could apply for a job but he never made that age.

I don't know how I am going to survive, I have never learnt how to hunt because Jake said I don't need to hunt. I go to the garden and begin digging with my hands and a metal pole as we don't have a shovel... A few hours later... My hands touch something white and hard which is sticking out of the ground. I carry on digging and realise what my discovery is. Human bones!  I am shocked by what i have found and it creeps me out but I know that soon it will be too late so I start to dig another hole. I am finally finished at 10:19pm.

I go inside and gently drag my brothers dead body out of the house. I gather flowers from the garden and was lucky enough to find a red rose bush. I lay down my brother onto his back in the hole and lay him in a comfortable position. I put the flowers around him and close his palms onto a bunch of red rose's. I whisper "sweet dreams, I love you." I sob whilst putting the mud over his body knowing that soon he will just be bones. It's been a long and hard emotional day and i finally manage a couple of hours rest at 4:52am. 

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