Underneath The Costume

Will she make it or will she fail miserably? The poor life of the girl next door is finally revealed. Can she defeat her enemys or is she too weak?


3. The Costume.

The day is passing by really slowly. I'm hungry, lonely and tired. I wish I could see my brother happy and alive just one last time. I have not eaten in two days, I know that I need to go to the woods and try to hunt something down but I don't even know what i need to hunt the animal.

I swiftly walk to the woods. At the entrance I can hear the birds singing soft melodies in the towering trees way above my head. I don't know where to start so I just wander through the woods looking for something that is edible. I find some berry's and just hope that they are not poisonous. I gather the berries and fill my trouser pockets with them. I spot a knife in a tree and grab it quickly. As I was heading back towards my house i spotted some wild rabbits huddled together near some bushes. I throw my knife but it goes in the wrong direction of my target. It misses the rabbit I was aiming for but catches another. I collect the rabbit and run back home.

I light the fire and cook the rabbit meat in a small pot that my brother used to cook in and I add a handful of the berries to the meat. I ate my dinner ravenously as though I had never seen food, after all I hadn't eaten in two days. My stomach was still growling but I took a nap so the hunger went away.

When I woke up, I was bored and had nothing to do so I walked upstairs and took a long look at the door standing infront of me inviting me in. I know that I shouldn't go in the attic, I know my brother wouldn't approve but my body takes over and reaches for the door knob. My gentle grasp slowly twists the door and it quickly flings open as though it has been waiting for me to enter and dosen't want me to turn away.

I tip-toe lightly up the stairs like a innocent little fairy. As I reach the top of the stairs I look at the surroundings, why did my brother tell me that it is dangerous up here? All I can see is dust, thick layers of dust covering the floor. As my eyes start to adjust to the darkness, I see a wooden box infront of me which reads 'Keep Out.'

My body moves cautiously towards the box before i even give myself permission. I wipe the dust from the box and cough as I breath some dust in. I find a small handle and pull it open vigorously and in the bottom of the box lies a pretty dress costume with ballet shoes. I take of my clothes and let them fall into the dust.

I climb into the pretty costume. I close my eyes and twirl. What is happening? I watch the magical sparks below me.... Where has the dress taken me?

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