Underneath The Costume

Will she make it or will she fail miserably? The poor life of the girl next door is finally revealed. Can she defeat her enemys or is she too weak?


5. Meet The Oglets.

As I am walking towards the concrete pathway I suddenly feel joyful and excited. I ran to the trees, I felt as though I was six years old again. I loved feeling like that, I can't possibly explain how joyful I was.

I then felt tired and a little achey so I slumped myself down to the bottom of the tree trunk and rested my spine against it. I watched the sun rise. All of a sudden a sweet from the tree fell down and hit me on head. Ouch! I read the wrapper which said 'chocolate wiggles.' I was so hungry that I couldn't resist opening it. I gently put my fingers at the top of the plastic wrapper and pulled making half of the chocolate wiggles jump freely. I picked them up and one by one gobbled them up, they tasted delightful. I looked at my watch and it was now 7:55.

Zzz, Zzz, Zzz... I had fallen asleep! I had dreamed that my brother was alive again and we went for a meal together. We were happy and rich... I wish! I opened my eyes allowing them to adjust to the blazing sunlight. I gasped as I opened my eyes and saw lot's of little men, women and even smaller children gathering around me.

"Your majesty, we thought that you had died. Where have you been for so long?"asked a small odd looking man. Your majesty? Why do I feel so old and why am I in this wrinkly old skin?

"Uh-umm, I- I've been busy s-sorry but what are you people?" I stuttered.

"We are Oglets... Don't you remember your highness? You are the queen of Og-ville!"exclaimed the man.

"No, I-I don't" I replied whilst pulling a puzzled face.

I am officialy and utterly confused. What am I doing here? Was it destiny for me to come here? I am definetly not what you would call a queen, infact I am no where near that standard of royalty!


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