Underneath The Costume

Will she make it or will she fail miserably? The poor life of the girl next door is finally revealed. Can she defeat her enemys or is she too weak?


1. He left me.

"Please, don't close your eyes " I whispered. I was too late, I could feel the warm blood from Jake's hand slowly turning stone cold. That's when it started to sink in that he was gone and wouldn't be returning. I was on my own from now on, no big brother to protect me.

Slowly I managed to make my fearful trembling body stand up. I staggered and stumbled up the stairs to grab his blanket and took it back downstairs. I regret letting him go hunting i would much rarther have not eaten today. I knelt beside Jake and kissed him gently on the cheek to pay my respects. Next I layed the blanket over his wounded body. I left the knife inside his poor body as i was too scared to remove it. How could he leave me on my own? He didn't even put up a battle to stay even though he had promised me so many times that this day would never exist. I felt guilty for leaving him on the hard, blood stained wooden floor but there was no way that i could lift his body weight upstairs and into his bed.

I cryed myself to sleep but soon after woke up as the nightmares had already started. I felt lifeless even though it was my poor seven- teen year old brother lying dead on the living room floor. However I knew it was only the beginning and the evil games had just started... 


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