Underneath The Costume

Will she make it or will she fail miserably? The poor life of the girl next door is finally revealed. Can she defeat her enemys or is she too weak?


4. A Whole New World

As I was flying through the air, I suddenly dropped to the floor, hitting my head hard on a wooden bench.

"Ouch" I screeched. My scream echoed over the emerald green hills that I could see ahead of me. I looked down at myself, just starting to remember my journey of getting here. I felt my skin.

"Eww" I exclaimed as I felt the wrinkles on my forehead, I looked down and saw that they were covering everywhere. This is not the skin you would expect for a fourteen year old young girl, you would usually see this skin on a sixty year old woman. My body had seemed to have transformed from a young, healthy teen into an elderly woman.

I observed a old looking wooden sign carved into an arrow sign, it read Og-ville. There was a pink pastel coloured pathway under the sign leading you far over the hills. Somehow, I found the strengh to pick up my tired bones and carry them over to the sign. I knew this was going to seem a long journey even if it wasn't. I rested my elbow onto the sign just to help while I caught my breath back. I stumbled along the path looking at the views to try and take my mind from the tiring journey.

It seemed like I had been travelling for hours when I could finally see some black, bold gates in the near distance. I took the last of the energy from my body and skipped across to the gate I could see getting closer. The gate that towered over me did not look pleasent and inviting like I expected instead it looked dull and quite evil. Though through the gaps beyond the gates, I could see that it wasn't dark and evil and in fact it was a lovely place to be, if only this gate wasn't locked.

As I looked through the gaps in the gate, I could see tall trees that were covered in candy sweets! The trees looked beautiful with the bright sweets glimmering in the sunshine. Far ahead I could also see a ocean blue river flowing steadily at the top of Og-ville. As I was staring at this gorgeous river, I suddenly realised that I had seen normal looking houses but no people. No people? But surely they must have some people that live in this beatiful place, just then I realised a clock standing tall above the gate and it was only 7:21 so they could still be asleep as it was sunday too. Sunday, supposebly 'The day of rest.' There is never a day of rest in my over planned life.

The gate infront of me did not look like it was wanting to open for me. It seemed to be saying 'Go away, you are not welcome." I decided to give it a little shove on the handle but not to my surprise the gate didn't budge. I went to rest on some grass nearby wondering about how I was going to get home but I didn't actually care if I was stranded here forever, never able to get home, it wouldn't make much difference apart from I would probably die sooner staying here as there is nothing to hunt and also no hunting weapons. Sometimes, I wish I was one of the fortunate, one of those who can go to town and buy food, to have a nice home that I would always want to come back to no matter what and most importantly to be able to go to school and fit in with the others. It would be really nice to have friends living close by but my bestest friend was my brother and he left me all alone to fend for myself.

As I was sat wondering to myself, I heard a loud creek. I turned around quickly to see that the black gate had opened, finally. I got up and slowly made my way over to the black gate, the excitement had left me and I was back to my miserable self. I reached the gate and took a breath before walking in.

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