The question mark

New girl Amber starts a new school. Again. Number 7 , if i'm counting. Time to find some friends, or no friends. It's always different. Whatever school she goes to her web of lies starts all over again. Maybe this time it's different.


2. 9am

Castle lake school , the only part of that I don't like is the school part .
So far looking at the exterior , it doesn't look too bad . But I guess you should never judge a book by it's cover...
First period : science . I walk in , all of the class are lined up against the wall . They stare at me , let me rephrase that ; they all glare into my eyes .
On the board in curly handwriting it says set 1 Mrs Williams.
The class is divided into two catagories : the nerds and the populars. Unfortunately I don't fit into either group, I can see their brains whizzing trying to search me to say which one I am. But the truth is I haven't even worked out what I am. I can see this one will be intresting.
When the teacher comes in she immediately sorts us out into tables. I am the last one left.
" Who have we got here ? "
This time I am not a girl with attitude.
" I am Amber Jones , miss" I say in a neutral tone .
" I hope you like our school Miss Jones , so far I think you will settle in just fine . Please sit over there." She points to an empty seat next to what looks like a friendly looking girl, but from past experiences looks can be deceiving ...
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