The question mark

New girl Amber starts a new school. Again. Number 7 , if i'm counting. Time to find some friends, or no friends. It's always different. Whatever school she goes to her web of lies starts all over again. Maybe this time it's different.


1. 7am

7am. I'm awake. School starts at precisely 8:45, so i have precisely 1 hour and 45 minutes to reinvent myself. I could be a nerd. But i did that at my second school. Or a goth, but i did that last time. Maybe a popular girl, but thats too boring.

In case your wondering ; i did try and be myself once but thats the hardest one. I will not let people see myself for what i am. Besides i don't want to scare them on the first day ! If your thinking how could i get away with this with my parents, i will give you a small insight into the world of Jane Moore ( i bet now you get why i change myself with a name like that.)

I live with my dad and my little sister Molly, my mum currently lives in Africa. Something about helping people less fortunate than ourselves. So my selfish mother left us, were fine . I look after them and sometimes if their lucky they look after me. After the first school i went to , i felt as if my true soul was calling and it said hang up. Now i change myself because i want to be a different person and get as far away for Jane Moore as i can possibly get.

Since i am now a legal adult, i can change my name to whatever i want. To be honest i am not that adventurous but my name fufills the role that i am going to play. Usually that that role changes every year, but i like that freedom to express someone else. Before my mum left, she questioned how i became such a drama queen. Molly said that i watched too much Eastenders but obviously an eight year old does not understand the life of a troubled teenager.

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