The question mark

New girl Amber starts a new school. Again. Number 7 , if i'm counting. Time to find some friends, or no friends. It's always different. Whatever school she goes to her web of lies starts all over again. Maybe this time it's different.


3. 5 minutes past 9

Circuits. I can do circuits. The girl next to me is currently doodling from her book but as far as I can tell , I am not sitting next to the future Picasso of our generation. She looks up.

" So what school do you come from ?" She speaks. More like mumbles but I can work with that. So for the next 10 minutes we make small talk about our lives. I have gathered that her name is Grace Chatsworth, she lives as an only child with her parents and she loves the colour magenta. After that though we actually start doing our work and finish in record time. The bell goes.

Next lesson is maths. Secretly its my favourite subject but i can't give anything away as to what current character I am trying to master. My outfit this morning is ; grey converse, dark jeans, blue shirt and to top it all off my favourite bracelet from my childhood. And definitely not forgetting my long dark blonde hair cascading down my back. Casual look today.

As soon as I arrive , yet again we all have to queue up . Of course I am the last one left. The teacher, late thirties, blonde hair and comical glasses speaks up.

" So who do we have here ?"

" Amber Jones sir."

" Where would you like to sit Miss Jones ?

I glance across the classroom , every seat is taken up apart from two at the back. Casually i walk over and grab one of the available seats then grab my stuff out of my bag.

" Now we can begin , does anyone know about factorising quadrati...

In walks a boy, by the looks of things a nerd. He posseses all the qualities I had at project 3 in case your wondering. As if the day could improve magically he takes the seat next to me.

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