The Girl on Fire

Rue is the daughter of the famous Katniss Everdeen, when the Quarter Quell comes around what tricks will young Rue face? And who will her mentor(s) be.

NOTE: The name may be changed again soon as Rue is more of a water lover than a fire lover any name suggestions would be lovely and gratefully accepted- please keep it like the Girl on Fire but to do with water?


4. Training.

Atala is explaining the rules of the training centre to us. I’m not really listening. I’m watching the game makers in the room above us. She says we can begin training. I head straight over to a thing called the Gauntlet. It’s some sort of obstacle course where we must jump while dodging strikes. It was hard but definitely improved my jumping. Next I head to the snares section. I set up three snares and am told they are very sturdy and intricate. If that was a test, I reckon I pass. I head to the camouflage section. My father taught me everything he knows. I’m quite good at it. I use the hanging ropes to practise climbing and to use my upper body strength. I do this everyday. I train all day. I never waste a minute. I use the knives. The bows and arrows. The spears. I even tried the trident.

Then comes the private sessions.  

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