The Girl on Fire

Rue is the daughter of the famous Katniss Everdeen, when the Quarter Quell comes around what tricks will young Rue face? And who will her mentor(s) be.

NOTE: The name may be changed again soon as Rue is more of a water lover than a fire lover any name suggestions would be lovely and gratefully accepted- please keep it like the Girl on Fire but to do with water?


2. The Train.

I step off of the platform onto the train. It’s posh, modern and definitely a Capitol thing. Effie straight away ushered us all to our rooms. Mum and dad shared and me and Wade were in separate rooms. It was clean, tidy and very big. I see a note on a wardrobe. I pick it up.

Dear Katniss’ Daughter, I always knew she would have a daughter eventually. I am Cinna, your mothers old stylist. You should know she is a brave woman. I wanted you to have this wardrobe, it was also your mothers, and all the dresses inside are hers, well yours now. Please always treasure these as your mother did, and maybe you too, could become a girl on fire.                                                                 Yours Cinna                                                                          


I open the wardrobe. I see at least 10 or so beautiful shimmering dresses. My mother really wore these?

‘Rue! Hurry up, the Reapings are being broadcast in a few.’ Effie shouts.

‘I’ll be right there!’ I shout back. I change into a simple gown for this evening, sky blue with little flowers and a white bow. I leave my room and bump into Haymitch as I try to find the correct compartment.

‘Hey watch where your going! Oh Rue, sorry.’ He smiles at me. ‘It’s this way.’ He leads me to a room where Effie, my mum and dad and my brother are sat down already. I sit next to Haymitch. My mentor. And my friend. The Panem logo appears on the TV screen. Then each district’s reaping appears. I’m taking notes of whom from each district. There are some really fierce competitors this year, I’m sure I will never win. ‘We’ll watch each victors tape later, take some notes.’ Says Haymitch. I don’t know what it is about him, but I can’t help but trust him. Even when he’s as drunk as anything. We head over to the table and sit down. There’s no food on the table or drinks for that matter.

I see a cut in the wood on the table where I am sat. My father hovers over me. ‘Your mother did that.’ He says a grin upon his face. ‘She stabbed the table.’ He changes to a whisper ‘Effie went nuts. She shouted: That is Mahogany!’ I laughed. I look away from the cut to notice plates of food and jugs of different drinks all over the “mahogany” table. I picked up a plate of lamb stew with dried plums. I try to savour it, but it’s just too nice. I must look like a pig, but I cannot help it.

‘That was my favourite meal too.’ Says my mother.

‘It’s lovely.’ I pick up a loaf of bread. I cut it into slices and take a bite. ‘Tastes good. But not as good as dad’s.’ He laughs. We eat plenty although, somehow, there is lot’s to spare.

I go back to my room and lie awake for most of the night. I toss and turn. The reaping’s run through my head. ‘Well I never, a family so far.’ Effie had said. A family. I will have to fight my brother, father and mother. To the death. Surely this cannot be allowed.

‘Rue! Rue! Breakfast!’ I’m woken by Effie’s shrill voice. I stumble out of the bed, over to my wardrobe. I pull out a top and some trousers. I head to the dining room.

‘Morning.’ I say. No one answers. I turn on the lights. No one is there. There is a box full of what I suppose are the tapes Haymitch was talking about. I head to the sofa and put a tape in the tape machine. District one Victors first. I get to Haymitch’s tape. I stare in disbelief at how young and strong he looks.

‘Enjoying the view? Take a picture, it might last longer.’ Haymitch says sarcastically.

‘Sorry, I thought I would watch some now.’ I show him a book, full of edible plants and bread and now victor information. He nods in approval. He sits with me and we carry on watching it. By the time we have watched them all, everyone is sat with us. ‘You missed breakfast.’ Says Effie, once it’s all turned off.

‘Sorry. I got lost then I found these.’ She rolls her eyes. ‘We are arriving a few minutes, make yourselves presentable.’ She ushers us out of the room. I change into a clean top but keep the same trousers. I follow my brother to the door. We step off the train.  

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