The Girl on Fire

Rue is the daughter of the famous Katniss Everdeen, when the Quarter Quell comes around what tricks will young Rue face? And who will her mentor(s) be.

NOTE: The name may be changed again soon as Rue is more of a water lover than a fire lover any name suggestions would be lovely and gratefully accepted- please keep it like the Girl on Fire but to do with water?


1. The Reaping.

 I wake up to the bright sunshine, shining through my old and tattered curtains.

‘Rue! Breakfast is ready!’ I run to my clothes, clean and dress myself before running down to the kitchen. My mother is dressed in her finest outfit, my brother too. I take my dish of food. I eat it slowly, knowing it could be my last homemade meal.

‘Where is father?’ Wade, my brother, asks.

‘I believe he is getting ready.’ As if on cue, my father walks into the kitchen and sits with us to eat.

‘We should get going in a few minutes.’ He says. Today is the reaping, for the Quarter Quell. It’s just like the normal Hunger Games, but they throw in some surprises. I put my dish into the water filled sink and run upstairs. My mother comes in and plaits my hair and helps me into my light blue flowery dress. I twirl for her. She smiles. She takes me downstairs.

‘If you are ever called up at the Reaping, only volunteer if it’s for your younger brother.’ We both nod.

I walk to the girl’s line and stand to wait. ‘Name?’ They ask. Rather sharply.

‘Rue  Everdeen.’ She ticks my name off a list and jabs my hand. A drop of blood drops off my hand. Another person ushers me through to stand and wait. Effie Trinket appears onstage.

Bright pink hair and a skin tight hot pink dress. ‘Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be forever in your favour.’ I figure I missed her speech by not paying attention. But who cares, it’s the same every year. ‘Right, as this is the Quarter Quell, we have had a slight rule alteration.’ This is the part I dread. She reads from a piece of Capitol paper. ‘This year, for the Quarter Quell, four people from each district will be chosen. Two  will be victors. The other two, a boy and a girl.’ I gasp. My mother, father or Hamitch could be picked. She walks over to the barrel. She fumbles around then pulls out a name. Whoever it is. I volunteer. I think. ‘Aha! Dixie Flamsteed!’. She walks, well is half dragged, up to the stage. ‘Would anyone like to volunteer?’ Effie asks. I look around. I find my mothers gaze is on me. She shakes her head.

‘Me. I volunteer as female tribute for the Hunger Games, Quarter Quell.’ I take her place on the stage. She asks for a round of applause, they stay silent.

‘Now, onto the males!’ She does the same again. ‘Wade Everdeen.’ My younger brother. ‘Well I never, a family so far. Well, onto the victors!’ She doesn’t need to put her hand in the barrel for the female winner. ‘Katniss Everdeen!’ She walks up, head held high. She stands next to me. My mother, forced to play the games with me. She dips her hand swiftly into the barrel containing two names but hundreds of slips of paper. She pulls out a name. ‘May I just say, victors are not allowed to volunteer for other victors.’ Peeta, my father, looks disappointed. ‘Peeta Everdeen!’ He walks up again, like my mother, head held high. Effie says a little speech. She takes us to a car

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