The Girl on Fire

Rue is the daughter of the famous Katniss Everdeen, when the Quarter Quell comes around what tricks will young Rue face? And who will her mentor(s) be.

NOTE: The name may be changed again soon as Rue is more of a water lover than a fire lover any name suggestions would be lovely and gratefully accepted- please keep it like the Girl on Fire but to do with water?


6. The Interviews.

‘You said “Thank you for your consideration”?’ Haymitch was laughing. 

‘I remember you saying that, and they weren’t paying attention to me, so I thought I would say it.’ I say.

‘Let’s just hope it turns out well, like for your mother!’ Effie exclaims.

‘She’s a right pain in the...’ Haymitch is interrupted by my father.

‘Ahem.’ My father says. I muffle a giggle.

‘As it’s the Quarter Quell, and they like surprises, they decided the first time you will see your training score, will be in the interviews.’ Says Haymitch.

‘Go with your stylists!’ Effie literally shoves us out of the room. I walk with my mother to Cinna, where he starts cleaning us up again.

He puts me in agown, knee length and aqua coloured. It has diamonds all over the bodice part and a bow around the back. He gives me matching aqua coloured shoes; They have mini aqua roses on the bows. I twirl and smile.

My mother steps into the room, a full-length red dress, which I can only assume is a slightly modified version of the dress she wore in the 74th annual Hunger Games. As she twirls her dress is engulfed by a small wave of flames, she looks beautiful. We walk hand in hand down to where the stage is. We sit just on thewing of the stage, but backstage. We hear everything happening and being said.

I watch district eleven go up. The only comforting thing about these interviews is that they areallowing all four tributes to go up together. We stand and walk up. I sit inbetween my brother and mother. My father is next to my brother, on his left.

‘Well, hello there District twelve.’ Says the host of the interviews, Caesar Flickerman. ‘So,Peeta, how has life been since the last time we met, during the Quarter Quell was it?’

‘Yes it was, life has been the way it always is Caesar, except with two new chapters to mine and Katniss’ book.’ He smiles at Wade and I.

‘That’s lovely to hear Peeta. Wade is it?’ He turns to my brother. Wade nods nervously. ‘My, my what a handsome, strong fellow, isn’t he ladies?’ Wild screams and wolf whistles from all the audience make him smile and blush. ‘Tell me Mikal, is there anyone special waiting for you at home?’ Wade looks to my mother she nods comfortingly.

‘Well, yes. But she doesn’t know I like her.’ He blushes. The audience all break out saying “awww.”

‘Would you like to say her name?’ Caesar asks.

‘Well, my sister volunteered for her.’ Caesar gasps.

‘Dixie Flamsteed? That was her name, right?’ Wade  nods. ‘Well, let’s hope that you’ll see her again so you can tell her in person!’ He tries to make my brother feel better. He turns to me and my mother.

‘Well Katniss, back in the arena for a third time. Were you expecting them to make four people, two of them victors, come into the arena?’ Caesar asks.

‘Well, in a way, yes. But I never thought my children and husband would be brought into the games.’ She looks sad.

‘Yes, that must be heart breaking.’ Caesar looks sympathetic. He turns to me.

‘Hello Rue.’

‘Hi Caesar.’ I say.

‘So, tell me, do you have a special someone at home?’ Truth is, I kind of do, but I’m not sure I want the whole of Panem knowing.

‘I can’t say.’

‘Oh, go on. We won’t tell anyone.’ I know this is a lie. This is being broadcasted live to everyone. A horn or bell noise signals our time is up. ‘Well, we’ll have to find out later, as we need to move onto scores. Peeta Everdeen you got a...’ A giant nine appears on the screen behind us. ‘A nine, well done Peeta.’ Everyone claps. ‘Wade  you got a...’ Another nine appears on the screen. ‘Like father like son.’ The audience all laugh. ‘Moving on, Katniss, you scored a...’ A ten appears. ‘A ten, well done Katniss!’ Everyone claps again. ‘Rue, you scored yourself a...’ A Twelve appears. ‘Top score!’ Everyone is in shock staring at me. Then the cheering and clapping starts. I smile. ‘Well that’s the end of today’s interviews, goodbye District Twelve!’ The audience clap as we leave the stage and Caesar finishes the show.

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