The Girl on Fire

Rue is the daughter of the famous Katniss Everdeen, when the Quarter Quell comes around what tricks will young Rue face? And who will her mentor(s) be.

NOTE: The name may be changed again soon as Rue is more of a water lover than a fire lover any name suggestions would be lovely and gratefully accepted- please keep it like the Girl on Fire but to do with water?


9. The Bloodbath.

I’m standing with the boy from District three and my family. We are on the Cornucopia. We are not the only survivors. I turn to the boy who kissed me earlier.

‘I knew you looked like someone I knew.’ I say to him.

‘Well, I have to get my good looks from somewhere.’ I force a smile. ‘My name’s Blight. My dad mentioned me right?’ I nod. He knows his dad mentions him. He knows me too. I’m carrying his child he has to know me. ‘You told your parents yet?’ He says quietly.

‘Yes, my parents know. My brother does not.’ He nods. I fall asleep in his arms.

I wake up to a blistering hot sun. I chuck my jacket. We all climb down from the Cornucopia. Two careers are left. Cato and Myrtle. They come out from the Cornucopia. We start the battle. Myrtle strikes at my leg, I dodge and strike at her head. Hit! She falls on her back. She’s screaming for Cato. Blight jumps down from the Cornucopia landing legs on either side of Myrtle, knife in her chest. She’s stopped screaming. Stopped moving. The canon fires. They can’t get her body. Not yet. Not until we’ve moved. Cato falls to the ground. Lifeless. Another canon. We back away. To let the bodies be taken. We all rush back to the Cornucopia.

‘Well done. We are willing to let a family of four, live. Rue, you still only count as one person. For now.’ I stare at my family. I tell them to stay there. Then run to the forest. I grab five Nightlock berries. I run back. I hand one to everyone.

‘You are so like your mother.’ Says my father. I smile as we raise the berries to our lips.

‘Wait! Stop! Congratulations on winning the Hunger Games.’ Says the head gamemaker. We’re taken away on a hovercraft, all our injuries treated.

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