This is my first attempt of a story,which is anout vampires and stuff hope you enjoy:-)


1. Hard life

Cathrines pov
All my life ive been hiden. If i ever did come out of my hiding place it wasnt out of own will, it would be because of dangerous things. I would kill then or they would surrender. Still everytime i was becoming weaker....and weaker.
I wasnt a full vampire i was half or quater though i was stronger then any vampire in the world-somehow. I still could get hurt or even killed!
I consider myself unwanted or should i say an orphan. I always ask myself why did my parents leave me? They just had to turn me into the unspeakable then turn their backs on me. Ive always dreamed of having a real mum and dad. A
Sams pov
I loved my family-a family full of vampires-who lived in the middle of no where im the biggest house on earth. My dad,Kyle, is massive so muscular-his power is strengh. My mum,rosey, was beautiful and her power was she could see love. My auntie,lillie,was a tracker and her husband,uncle jay had a power of making you blind. There daughter,kathryn has the power of reading thoughts. My power was i could send messages to other peoples head.
While me and my dad were playing a video game i heard a tap on the door. Who could that be? We live in the middle of no where for crying out loud.........
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