Ghost Island

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A girl, robbed of her identity, is abandoned on an Island of which she has no clue. Without any hint of how she got there, she finds out she needs to survive a trauma she doesn't remember, and escape the storm-keeper who wants to use her for his own sinister, but heartbreaking deeds. How will the girl resist travelling down the rocky road to madness, and save not only her friends from the clutches of death, but herself?
P.S. this is a first draft so it might be kinda... weird :P (and yes, I do know that I spelt 'mermaids' wrong. It is intentional)


2. Chapter Two: The Punishment Tank


The shadows of the night crawl their way up the cave walls, as the girl sits there, trying to treat her evidently broken leg. Trying, but failing. Slowly wrapping a leaf around her ankle, that she found out was the main source of her difficulty, she thinks about what her life was like before she woke up on the beach.  

I could have been a millionaire, travelling through the seas. Our huge, elaborate ship could have crashed.  

I could be the princess of a deserted Island.   

I could be a street urchin who snuck onto a ship that obviously sunk to the bottom of the ocean.  

The ideas, were endless.   

But all these stories, all these fairytales, did not distract her from the main reason why she was thinking up all these elaborate tales. As much as she resented the image, she could not get it out of her mind; Those, deep blue cruel eyes. Staring at her soul as if she had laid it out for him on the painful rocks. But suddenly, the girl feels ashamed that she has become so easily scared of a stranger. A stranger, who, to her is just a bit messed up in the head.   

After the girl had finishes caring for her leg, she gets up and turns the corner. She had picked a spot, where the man could not see her, and yet she could see every move he made.  

But instead of her original intent (to look for a man lumbering across the earth), she saw a sight that chilled her to the bone. A sight, which she would never forget for the rest of a being.  In fact. the girl only just managed to hold back her scream.  

Sitting, not far from where she stood, was a rusted yellow and off-white lighthouse.  

And then, finally she recognises something.  

Not a sight, or a sound, or even a smell.  

But she recognises an emotion.  

And that would be fear.   


The stormkeeper, better known as Adam Sandley, walks down the hard, cold steps to his small basement. Thinking deeply while he does so, he wonders about the injured girl he met outside his house today. He wished, when he saw those bright green eyes that he could take her inside and prepare her for what the other girls are too childish to understand.   

After all, he thought, she looked pretty, vaguely familiar, but pretty. The type the cunning mermayds would like.   

But she had attacked him, and had somehow got away. The stormkeeper at the time, had seen her hiding behind a rock.   

‘Did she actually think,’ the stormkeeper says to himself, ‘she could run from me?’ He starts laughing, a cold, harsh laugh that the stone walls on either side of him seem to carry.   

When he reaches the bottom step, he unlocks the heavy door to his own little prison, and finds a few of the other girls he captured, talking to each other in the corner.   

‘Ladies, I’m ho-ome’ he says, his mocking voice, to his delight, making the girls jump with fear. The basement immediately grows silent. One of his latest captures points at the glowing pool in the centre of his basement.   

‘What the hell is that?’ She asks, her voice evidently lacking the respect it should display. ‘Emily fell into it hours ago,’ her voice fills with sadness, ‘and she hasn’t come out’.   

Adam Sandley walks slowly towards the small, aquamarine pool, taking his time to scare the girls even more. 

‘That’s where the mermayds are’ he says, his voice growing soft. ‘It’s where they live. I put them there.’

The girl’s chin juts out, rudely.

‘Well why did you do that?’ 

‘Because they wanted me too.’

‘But that’s stupid’ One of the girls touches the rude one with her grubby hand.

‘Olivia, stop.’ Pushing the hand off, she continues. 

‘Mermayds don’t just ask to be put in a bleeding tank you idiot! They’re not goldfish.’

‘I think it would be wise if you didn’t continue-’

‘Is that what you’re going to do to us? Put us in a tank and claim to another poor sod that we asked for it?’

stop!’ The stormkeeper shouts.

The girl falls silent, and simply glares at Adam. 

‘In answer to your question, that is my punishment tank.’ A cruel smile spreading across his thin lips. ‘It’s where I put girls who step out of line.’

Adam takes two swift steps towards his capture and steers her towards the small pool built into the floor. 

‘See this? If you speak rudely to me once more,’ he pointed his finger towards the ground. ‘I think you may  have to swim swim swim from the hungry mermayds.'   

Letting go of the girl, he walks out of the tense basement, ignoring the constant nagging in his head,  that Amerial would never have wanted this, and that his daughter, Gaia, would have been ashamed.

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