Ghost Island

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A girl, robbed of her identity, is abandoned on an Island of which she has no clue. Without any hint of how she got there, she finds out she needs to survive a trauma she doesn't remember, and escape the storm-keeper who wants to use her for his own sinister, but heartbreaking deeds. How will the girl resist travelling down the rocky road to madness, and save not only her friends from the clutches of death, but herself?
P.S. this is a first draft so it might be kinda... weird :P (and yes, I do know that I spelt 'mermaids' wrong. It is intentional)


3. Chapter Three: Sleep Well My Dear, Sleep Well Tonight


The girl is happy. For the first time in days, her leg doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off. She feels like she’s slowly recovering, and for that, she thanks her emergency first-aid. Although, that doesn’t mean that the pain had completely gone. A dull pain, is still lingering. And the girl is finding it hard to walk properly. Slowly getting up, she follows her daily walk around the dank cave, and once she’s had enough, she slides down onto the rocky surface, oblivious of the sharp splints beneath her.   

It is only then, when the girl realises how tired she is.

But she knows she must stay awake, it’s the wild beasts you see. There are some, which are massive compared to her frail body, and who will gobble you up if you let your guard down. The first time she saw one, she thought it looked so cute and furry, that she couldn’t imagine how dangerous it could be. She had reached her shaky hand out to feel its soft coat, and had almost got it bitten off. The last thing she remembered before the adrenaline kicked in, was her immediate reaction to run away, or rather, hobble as fast as her legs could carry her.  

But despite the many reasons to keep her eyes glued to the gloomy entrance of the cave, she still feels her eye sockets closing in on themselves. The girl feels her muscles loosening, her back arching down towards the moist earth, her brain shutting out thoughts of warning, her aching leg sliding painfully on the the mixture of rocks and earth...      

For a moment, the girl thinks she hears footsteps outside her hidden den, but she simply dismisses it as one of those strange beasts that she has no name for. She thinks no more about it, as she slides into oblivion.  


Because she is so, very tired.

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