Ghost Island

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A girl, robbed of her identity, is abandoned on an Island of which she has no clue. Without any hint of how she got there, she finds out she needs to survive a trauma she doesn't remember, and escape the storm-keeper who wants to use her for his own sinister, but heartbreaking deeds. How will the girl resist travelling down the rocky road to madness, and save not only her friends from the clutches of death, but herself?
P.S. this is a first draft so it might be kinda... weird :P (and yes, I do know that I spelt 'mermaids' wrong. It is intentional)


5. Chapter Five: Gaia, Gaia, Where have you gone?


The sky descends on the girls in a void of emptiness, pressing in on their souls and sucking the life and depth out of them. Through the small gap in the wall, even less light than before feebly filters its way through, causing the captured girls to live in semi-dark prison which harbours cockroaches and mildew. Bell, Sammy, Olivia and the other two unfortunates spend the late hours of the night, and the early sunrises of the day, attempting to plan an escape route in the most elaborate of ways. From underground tunnels, to blowing up the door, each and every plan has its own brilliance and impossibility.   

‘Let’s all face it. All o’ these ideas stink,’ The girl, who the group have nicknamed Ash says.

Bell sighs. ‘You’re right, they’re all impossible,’ Propping her head up on the wall, she blows her outgrown fringe out of her eyes.

‘There must be something...’  says Sammy.

The girl writes on the wall. What about jumping into the pool? Swimming away? The group stares at her. 

‘You have to be joking,’ Olivia says, chin jutting out. 


‘But it’s filled with blood sucking mermayds! They eat your bones, gouge your eyeballs, and use your hair as toothpicks!’

Bell scowls at Olivia. ‘Don’t be ridiculous. The stormkeeper is just trying to scare us,’

‘Yeah, you’re right, that’s why I hear hissing noises coming from the pool at night...’

Hissing noises?

Olivia grimaces at the pool, and shudders. ‘Yes, hissing noises. Sometimes I hear singing but not very often,’

And you’re sure it came from the pool?

‘For god sake, yes! Now can we please not get off topic here?’

A long silence chokes the room, winding its way around the girls hearts and squeezing them.

‘Have any of yus actually looked inside tha’ blinkin’ paddlin’ pool?’ Ash scowls, shattering the thick silence. 

‘No!’ Bell and Sammy say in unison. 

‘And why the hell would we want to?’ Olivia asks.

‘Well... I don’ know, do I? Though’ we should see wha’ we’re up against if we are swimmin’ out,’ 

‘Oh yeah! I forgot I wanted to swim through flesh eating mermayds. Please, push me in now,’ Sammy says, kicking Ash lightly on the ankle.

‘Better than blowin’ up the blinkin’ place,’ Ash mutters, inspecting the wall now filled with etchings, drawings and notes.

Well I don’t care what you all say, I’m going in.

The group stares first at the message, then at the girl, then back at the message again, their mouths hanging open in a comical ‘O’. Olivia is the first to speak.

‘Two days in here and you’re already feeling suicidal,’ She says, sarcastically. 

‘Shut it, Olivia. You’re jes’ too afeared to really do anyfing yurself,’ 

In the corner, the girl spots a smile tugging at Sammy’s lips. 

‘I’m just saying! She comes in here all hopeless and doe-eyed, makes all of us care for her, and then, turns out she wants to be eaten by stupid mermayds!’

‘Be quiet!’ Bell hisses, making everybody jump. ‘You’re all making fools of yourselves, trying to control... ur....’ Bell struggles with the knowledge that the girl can’t remember her name. She looks questioningly at the girl. The girl swivels round to the wall, and writes.

Just call me... The girl looks around her, searching for inspiration. But suddenly, a lost memory bubbles to the surface. Just call me Gaia.  Bell continues.

‘What I was saying, was that we can’t force...’ She trails off again. ‘Sorry, how do you pronounce that?’ She says, proof of her embarrassment rising up her cheeks. 

Somehow, the girl knows this too. 


‘What a pretty name,’ Bell mumbles, before finishing her almost comical lecture. ‘We can’t tell Gaia what to do and what not to do. I think we should all agree that she can do what she likes, as long as she’s not planning to take us down with her, agreed?’

An unconvinced mumble fills the room. 

‘Diplomat until the very end,’ Olivia says, sarcasm dripping from every word. Sammy starts laughing, and Olivia looks at her appreciatively.   

‘Is it jes’ me, or can you people hear footsteps?’  Sammy jumps up, and puts her ear to the door. 


‘Language!’ Olivia says.

Sammy turns white. ‘It’s the, s-storm keeper!’

‘Hide!’ Bell screeches.   

Just in time, the group scramble in a heap to the corner of the room. The door clangs open, causing much needed fresh light and air to burst into the slowly decomposing basement. A menacing silhouette  walks in slowly, and Gaia hears Sammy hiss under her breath. No-one in the heap of girls move, and it is only then when Gaia fully sees what the stormkeeper wants.   

Outside the bars, a slow, drawn out mournful tune fills the air.   

All but Gaia listen.  

To both the stormkeeper and the other girls, they listen in wonder as they hear maidens voices echoing off the once fierce, but now defeated sea.  


‘A girl named Gaia born under the stars,

has left her mother for a love once more,

a father hides in fear and despair,

Amerial where have you gone?  


Storm-Keeper, Storm-Keeper, 

We guarded your secrets,

but betrayal runs smooth,

Amerial no more,

Gaia, Gaia, where have you gone?  


We searched the seas,

and your love is no more.  


A father left, 

depression runs smooth,

Gaia, Gaia, where have you gone?’  


The room is quiet, the shallow breathing from the storm-keeper breaking the only silence. He is the first to speak.  

‘I’ve got you back,’ Adam Sandley looks at Gaia, a glint in his eye that Gaia cannot seem to place. He makes a wild grab for the girl. ‘You remind me of her!’ He is now screaming.   

Adrenaline pumps through Gaias veins as she ducks the hand flying towards her. She suddenly remembers the mirror lying discarded on the floor.   


She runs.   


Grabs it.  


Throws it.   


He too, ducks. ‘Trying to injure me, are we?’ He shouts, throwing his head back and laughing in an almost inhuman voice. ‘You have your mothers will and stupidy!’ He circles her, and out of the corner of her eye, Gaia watches the girls run out of the basement. The storm-keeper, all the while, is quite oblivious.   

‘I can see quite clearly that you inherited all of her bad traits. I always told her that her side of the family ought to get locked up!’  Gaia shakes her head vigorously, and quite appropriately finds her voice. At last.  

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ She says louder than she intended. Her eyes well up with something close to tears. ‘Just leave us all alone!’ 

The stormkeeper stops, and stares at Gaia. ‘You’ve grown to have her voice, exactly.’ 

The girl looks at the man intently.

‘Why do I remember you? I recognise you from somewhere,’ She stomps her feet in frustration. ‘Who are you?’  

The stormkeepers eyes wander off. ‘I meant to kill you,’ He says to himself, something in his throat getting caught up in the word kill. ‘I meant to hang you for them to eat. Maybe a mermaid like Amerial will find me again and we’ll fall in love!’ 


‘You still haven’t answered my question.’ Gaia edges towards the miraculously still whole piece of glass. 


‘I’m your father, and you are Gaia. This,’ And he gestures towards a beautiful mermayd painting. ‘Is Amerial, your mother.’ 

Gaia puts her weight on one hip. ‘You expect me to believe that?’

‘I didn’t expect you to run away with that sailor.’  


All of a sudden, a tidal wave of held back memories collide into Gaia, causing her to gasp and take a surprised step back. She remembers her father and mother, laughing nose to nose on the beach, eyes only for each other. She remembers Christmas day, when they all sit on the top of the lighthouse because boats don’t come on Christmas. She remembers going to sit with her mother on the rocks and listening to the rhythmic tune of the waves. She remembers a boat stopping for the night at their lighthouse. She remembers a handsome sailor boy. She remembers flirting on the rocks with him. She remembers the love, and the stupid innocence, the plans to run away with him.   


She remembers a ship crashing into an iceburg.   


She remembers death.  


But how can I remember death if I am still alive?  


Darkly, she looks up, and finds the face of her father who was eventually driven mad.

‘When you left, Amerial couldn’t stand it. She waited months, years for you to come back again. And you know what she did?’ He gulped, and pulled a dirty cloth out of his pocket, to wipe over his moist eyes. ‘She killed herself.’   


Gaia quickly looks down. Her father walks slowly towards her, picking up the shard of glass that Gaia forgot all about.

‘Maybe if I kill you, the scent of your blood will attract the mermayds. Maybe I can find love again.’  


Gaia quickly looks up, but for a second too late.   


She screams.


The shard of glass punctures her heart, and the corpse falls to the ground.   


In the distance, a mermayd sings.  

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