The cursed island!

I woke up with blurry vision, covered in the thickest, stickiest sand ever known (well to me anyway). My eyes start to become clear again when I notice Stella Artois is no where to be seen. I look around, searching for Stella but then I realised...


1. Where's Stella???

I woke up, my eyes as blurry as ever. The stickiest, thickest sand covers my now irritated body. I look around for Stella Artois as my eyes clear up. I keep looking and then thinking I've seen her silky, jet black fur I run over to the spot where I'd thought I'd seen her, but hadn't. I have now been stuck on this island for about 3 days (I think). I have lost Stella twice now, I guess she has is exploring the island. She's always been like that, but now I get more lonely since mum and dad still haven't come to find us.


Stella came back after about 3 hours. Then she decided to go and have a nap, in the shade of a tree. I try to have a nap but my eyes wouldn't let me fall asleep instead they stayed fixed on the sea looking for mum and dad, and the Becky-Leigh.

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