A sort Story about a Jealous girl.


1. Walking away.


I watched him that night, dancing with his new girl, Tiffany. They were dancing the polka and it reminded me of when me and him met the first night. I have to admit I was jealous. I'm still not over Tony, I want to be but i just can't get over him. It's never been like this before with other boys it's always been the same; We date, we kiss and then i'm dumped. There's something about him, whenever i look at him i just melt.      He smiles at me and waves. I wave back and grin at him. He whispers something in Tiffany's ear then she looks at me, they laugh and then turn their backs on me and kiss. He puts his arm around her like he used to do to me. Silent tears slip out my watery eyes as I walk away. 
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