A sort Story about a Jealous girl.


2. I don't know ?!

I had just left like that, I hadn't even tried. Miya - my best friend had told me that if a really loved him, I would talk to him. But i hadn't, I couldn't, I wouldn't.  Why? I should have, I knew that was my last chance. Tony was dying, he had cancer and his therapy hadn't worked. I knew that the last person he would ever love was Tiffany and I wanted to change that. "Emily, Emily" Miya's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"So how was the prom last night?" Miya nudged me and winked. I sighed Miya obviously didn't understand anything to do with Tony. She had never had a long term relationship with a boy like I had with Tony. Miya thought it was simple, that I should just tell Tony all my feelings, ask him out again. That was not going to happen though I knew that much. 

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