A sort Story about a Jealous girl.


3. Dear Diary

 I have forgotten about Tony completely, well i haven't - i'm always thinking about him but I have to pretend I have or else Miya would go crazy, talking about him all the time, wondering when I'm going to ask him out and so on. I love my best friend but sometimes she can be a little to much, even for me to handle.

  My kitten who I named paws lays at the bottom of my bed, curled up and snuggly. I reach down to stroke her soft fur and she opens her eyes to look into mine.  I wish I was a cat sometimes, they have three things we don't have:

1) They don't have to worry about their weight or the way they look. 

2) Boys don't revolve around their lives. 

3) They are carefree and have nothing to worry about.

I suppose cats are a bit like Miya then. I cross my room over to my desk where I got out a pen and a diary my Nan had got me 2 years ago, I hadn't had the time to write in it before but I knew now that this was the time. I started on a fresh new page - 

Dear Diary,

This is top secret now, this diary will be the secret key to my life. I don't know why but i feel the need to write everything down now. I guess my life has been upside down these last few weeks and I needed someone to talk to. I have Miya but she isn't a understanding type of person, so I can't talk to her. I guess at the moment your the only person i can trust, So here it goes. The truth is that.....

'ding dong, ding dong' the doorbell rings loudly interrupting me. It's just me at home so i hesitate to open the door but when i do i grin with happiness because there standing on the doorstep is Tony. 

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