Breaking News: An unfound Island

This story is about a stranded dessert island and I wanted to set it out differently so....

I have set it out in a news way.

Hope you enjoy and appreciate my uniqueness




(ON TV) 

Bella: Hello and welcome to news at 1. We have got some breaking news. Explorers say that they have found a stranded island near Singapore called TUNAS. We have sent my faithful companion Ramii at the island to explore it and to give you the latest possible news. Take it away Ramii!


Ramii: Hello and here I am at this island. As you already know, My names Ramii. Anyways, we have found 3 children here, and I believe that they are shipwrecked. They do not wish to show their faces to the camera as there parents will tell of them and for the same reason they will not say their name and we have muted them and put on subtitles as their parents know there voice.


Child number 1 : I am stranded on this island. I have been ship wrecked. I am glad to finally go home and I thank the TV people here. I dont have anything to say.... Bye and I hope that my parents wont tell of me.

Child Number 2 : I refuse to speak. Sorry!


Child Number 3 :I am kidnap here. I no english. I tamil. I come sweet. I like mum. Nice is she. Byee.


Ramii: As you can see, I think that they would like to go home. I am going to go in  a helicopter so....  yeah. Byeee!!  Ouch!! Naughty seagulls,


Cameraman: Aaaahhhhh!!! I have a phobia to seagulls!!!! HELP!!!!




Bella: As you can see, its a total disaster there. Dont worry, your children will be at home.... BYE!!! And I will see you again for more headlines. 


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