Winter Chill

She will not cross over until the murderer is found...


2. The Death


“Where were you at lunch, I was looking all over for you?!” Fudge’s eyes blazed. Kelly apologized, but Fudge was still angry so she stormed off. On Saturday it was Fudge’s party, but Kelly didn’t feel like going because of how angry she was at her, but then she thought, and she knew, that if Fudge was really angry at her she would of said that she couldn’t go to her party, so Kelly got dressed and went. At the party there were fizzy drinks and crisps and there was disco music on. When Fudge saw Kelly she went over.

“I’m glad that you made it”

“I thought you were mad at me”

“Nah, I was just a bit cranky. I usually get like that but you don’t need to worry” Kelly and Fudge each grabbed a glass of lemonade and began to dance, the party was mad! People were getting, well you know, a bit over the top and looked like they were losing their minds, so the only decision for Kelly was to leave, and she did. Everyone was miserable on Monday because of the ... sad accident that happened on Saturday. At the assembly, it was announced that Fudge had died in a car accident.  Kelly couldn’t sleep all night until the morning paper had arrived the next day. Kelly picked it up and flicked through the pages until she saw one with the title ‘GIRL GETS RUN OVER’. Kelly slapped the paper down on the table and wiped the tears from her eyes then the door swung open and her mum stood there looking tired.

“I’m so sorry Kelly. That this happened” Her mum put her hand on Kelly’s cheek, Kelly pushed away and stomped out of the front door. As she left, her mum sighed and put her hand on her head and shook slowly. Kelly charged to school and like a fierce monster, Kelly slammed the black school gates open, she tightened her fist and held her sadness and anger inside. Later on, she wandered through the corridors, calmed down. James came up to her and held her to his chest. He was much taller than her. Kelly didn't know what happened but she liked the warmth and his dark blue t-shirt. He smelt nice, she thought.

"I'm sorry about fudge" He said, then there was a pause. Kelly then burst into tears and she pushed her face into his chest and she gripped onto the sides of his t-shirt. It was suffocating but she didn't care. He rested his chin on the top of her head and she felt a little tear drop on top of her. They both stayed there for a moment, holding each other.  

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