Winter Chill

She will not cross over until the murderer is found...


1. A Hard Day Turned Out Good


“Hurry up slow poke we’re going to be late for class” Cried Fudge. Kelly still stood gazing at nothing then she finally spoke.

“Ok coming”

“I don’t even like art class our teachers a dope” Said Fudge.

“Ha, yeah, I remember when she picked up Lilly’s hamster by mistake and used it as a black board rubber in show and tell”

“Yes. Her face was a picture” They both giggled all the way down the corridor until they got to art class. They sat in their seats and pulled out there books and laid them on their table. Their art teacher Miss. Harriet was twenty three and wore black skinny jeans and t-shirts with patterns on, and had long blonde hair and she always smelt of perfume.

“Ok settle down everyone” She began then she carried on.

Kelly could smell perfume to but it wasn’t from Miss. Harriet. It was coming from Fudge.

“Hey, Fudge, are you wearing perfume?”

“Yes so I smell like Miss. Harriet”

“You want to smell like Miss. Harriet?!”


 “Fudge there is something wrong with you, I just know it”

“Kelly!” Screamed Miss. Harriet, then Kelly suddenly sat up straight.                                                    

“Do I need to speak to you again? You seem to be talking a lot in my classes?” All through the morning was awful. Kelly got made fun at by some year eight’s just because her hair was black. Then in English class she kept on dropping her pencil like 10 times, and the teacher gave her a detention because he thought she was being silly, and now she got in trouble for talking in art class, and most of these things weren’t her fault, but she was glad that it was break time because now was the time to relax and enjoy it. Kelly always sat on the benches at break and lunch with Fudge. They talked about silly stuff, like boyfriends and things that were happening in their lives.

“So, Kelly, how was your day?”

“You’re kidding right? I got made fun of by year eight’s! I got a detention that wasn’t even my fault and I got told off in art class and you saw it all!”

“Oh never mind let’s just talk about something else” Before they started talking, a boy in their year group which was year ten with black hair and denim jeans and a black and white checked hooded jacket, walked passed them. Kelly fixed her eyes on him but Fudge took no notice. It was love at first sight for Kelly. It was funny that she never noticed him before.

At the end of school Kelly walked home and opened the door to her mother’s room and found her sitting at her desk, writing down some letters, and didn’t even see her daughter come in. Kelly stared at her, then went downstairs and put on dinner. She called to her mum when it was ready and they both ate in silence, until Kelly started up a conversation.

“What have you been doing up there then?”

“I’ve been doing some letters to my boss about my work. Anyway how was school?”

“Umm it was ok” But it wasn’t ok. She had a terrible day, except for seeing that boy. When they finished, Kelly washed up then went to bed. When she woke up she remembered it was Friday, the best day of the week, when you didn’t have to worry about homework or getting up early in the mornings. As she was walking down the corridors she saw the boy from yesterday. He came up to her and said.

“Can you show me where room 15 is?” She was frozen stiff, so she just turned and walked to room 15 with him.

“Are you new at this school?” Kelly asked curiously.

“Yeah I just moved house. What’s your name?”

“Kelly. What’s yours?”

“James” When they got to room 15 he asked her if she wanted to have lunch with him, and of course she said yes. At lunch she waited in the hall so Fudge wouldn’t see her, then James came in.

“Are you doing anything at the weekend?” James said.

“Yes, I’m going to Fudge’s birthday party. She’s going to be 15. That’s one year older than me”

“Oh so you’re 14? Same with me” They both smiled together then on the way home Fudge came along and she looked furious.

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