Sixteen year old Else Britons gets her first text from a guy she fancies, saying 'DO U SPEAK TEXT?' who knew that one text could lead up to a lot!


2. The Text

The Sun shone brightly through the small gaps in between her white curtains, it was still a little bit dark but it was bright enough to wake up Else. Else slowly opened her eyes but then shut them tightly because of the Sunlight. It was Monday, and not a very good start to the day to be honest... she was late... again! Else sat up and crawled over her bed to her desk and snatched her digital alarm clock and looked at the time... 6am? No no, her eyes were blurred... Else blinked and opened her eyes wide open three times then looked again... 10am!... late...!

"Darn it! Darn it! Darn it!" Said Else gritting her teeth. Else grabbed her white school t-shirt, black tights, black skirt, pink pants and white bra out of her blue cupboard, then she brought them all into her room and then she put them on her bed. She got dressed hastily and brushed her teeth. She quickly checked her mobile and finally there was a message! A wave of excitement rushed through Else but it soon wore off after she remembered that she was running late. She dashed downstairs and saw Sherline sitting at the table reading the newspaper drinking a cup of tea.

"How long have you been up?" Asked out of breath Else bending over panting with her hands on her knees. Sherline looked at her watch calmly and replied.

"Hmm... about... three hours"

"Well why didn't you wake me up?!"

"I thought that it would teach you a lesson for sleeping in so now you're late for school" Sherline continued reading the newspaper then she sipped her tea.

"Argh, Fine!" Else put her black and white striped trainer pumps on then snatches her large black shoulder bag covered in red, white, green, blue and pink spots then she swung it over her shoulder then put her arm in between the two straps.

"Late late late late late! Why am I always late" Whispered Else to herself as she rushed to get her red bike from the back of her house. Her bike had a shine to it as it was glistening in the hot Sunlight. She put her hands on the black rubber handles but then jumped back. The handles were burning hot! They must have been left in the Sunlight for too long, but Else just grabbed at them and took a runner with her bike at her side, when she was ready she hopped onto the seat... it was burning too! Else didn't care though and she got used to it quickly anyway. Else took a piece of her hair and looked at it then let go.

"Darn it I didn't brush my hair! Oh well it's always a mess" She cycled down her road then round the corner then she remembered that she got a text! She slipped her mobile out of her bag quickly then held down the button with the picture of the padlock on it hard and waited while keeping her eyes on the road then finally her mobile unlocked then she selected the message... it was from an unknown number saying 'HEY ITS CHRIS CHARLOTTE GAVE ME YOUR NUMBER AND DO U SPEAK TEXT?'

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