Sixteen year old Else Britons gets her first text from a guy she fancies, saying 'DO U SPEAK TEXT?' who knew that one text could lead up to a lot!


3. A Friend In Need

Else lazily walked down the corridor then Charlotte approached her and said.

"Did Chris text you then?" She looked pretty exited so Else replied.

"Yes" It was a gloomy yes. Her head was still lowered but she could tell what Charlotte's facial expression was. All she could hear was a happy gasp and an eek! Obviously Charlotte was thrilled.

"Charlotte. I'm not in the mood to be happy about something"

"Oh I know what the problem is ... you didn't brush your hair this morning! I know you get frustrated if you don't brush it" They both sat on a wooden bench attached to the wall next to some lockers which looked like a plank of wood that had been polished, attached to the wall by two black bars nailed into the bench to the wall. The paint was chipped and sharp. Else turned from her then rested her head on the palm of her hand then she stared down the rest of the corridor. She heard the zip sound from Charlotte's pale cream colored school bag. Else looked back at her, she had pulled out a hair brush from her bag.

"Come here Else. I'll brush your hair" Charlotte had a heartwarming smile on her pretty face. 'Unlike mine.' Else thought. This is a true best friend. Else smiled back, turned and let her brush her hair.

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