Sixteen year old Else Britons gets her first text from a guy she fancies, saying 'DO U SPEAK TEXT?' who knew that one text could lead up to a lot!


1. That Guy

Else's mobile made a ringing sound, she picked up the phone and pressed five.

"Oh. It's Charlotte" Else selected accept.


"Hey Else! Just wondering, y' know Chris?" Else cheeks went red, Chris was her crush. She replied.

"Yeahhh why?"

"Well he wanted to know your number so I said that I'll ask you first just in case" Else cheeks went redder and redder and hotter and hotter.

"Umm yeah ok - wait! You have his number?"

"Yeah anyway so do you want me to give him your number or not?" Else seemed unsettled because of the embarrassment.

"Yes alright fine give him my number!" She wanted him to have her number anyway. Who knows, maybe she has a chance with him although she wasn't the prettiest girl at school. Maybe Chris is into nerdy, curly short haired, brunets with freckles and people with no tan. Else looked back at her phone and noticed that Charlotte had hung up. Else slumped down on her bed thinking about Chris but she couldn't for too long...

"Else! Come down now it's dinner!" Shouted her mum. Else came down and turned her phone on silent and held it tight waiting for a message from Charlotte or even Chris.

"Honey your not eating much, what are you looking at?" Asked Else's mum, Sherline. Else tucked her mobile away in her trouser pocket and replied.

"Nothing" She kept on eating and Sherline just stared at her worried. Again and again Else kept on checking her phone secretly but there were still no new messages. Soon the sky got dark... but still no text. Else was lying on her bed still waiting for her mobile to buzz.

Hours had passed... it was basically the next day! Obviously no one was going to text her. Whats the point of lying on your bed in the dark freezing cold in your PJ's at one o'clock with the curtains open? There is no point! That's it! Else put her mobile on the desk then drew the curtains, she lifted up her cover then struggled into bed. Frustrated, she tugged the cover fast over her even though her bottom half wasn't covered up. She didn't care, all she wanted was a text... just a text, she was so desperate that she actually didn't care who would, she just wanted a text! She eventually fell asleep peacefully with both halves of her in bed.

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