Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


3. Chapter two - Kitti

Kitti stared out at the island. Her eyes were wide with fear; she was trembling a little. Kitti turned around for the millionth time. There was nothing else in the boat except silvery people who just ignored her. They didn't speak, just stared ahead with hollow eyes.

"Where are we? What happened?" Kitti yelled. Nothing, just the gulls as they screeched meanacingly at her. The last thing she had remembered was the flickering flames around her. And then, blackness. Now she was on a wooden boat on her way to a weird island. Kitti looked at the other people. Her family weren't here. She wondered if they escaped the fire. She hoped so. But why was she here? Had someone dragged her out of the fire? Perhaps... But that didn't explain why she was on this boat, feeling strange, surrounded by silvery people who looked slightly transparent. All she had were questions, no answers to reassure her. Kitti sighed. This was probably the worst day of her life. She didn't yet know that she presently had no life, literally...


The boat stopped at the island,next to the lighthouse. Kitti stayed in the boat, unsure of what to do. Should she get out? Should she stay in? Fearful, unsure, and completely freaked out, the girl flinched as the voice sliced through the air like a dagger.

"Get out of the boat, my new souls. Follow me to the soul rock caverns. You will work well or face punishment. NOW!" it yelled. Kitti scanned the area for the source of the voice, almost hoping to be imagining things. She wasn't. A hooded man with his face completely hidden by a mask, was standing at the door of the lighthouse. He had a long, black trench coat, jet black boots, and trousers the same colour of the rest of his clothing. Thick gloves hid his hands. The other people got out of the boat, one by one. Kitti stood and watched them.

"Wait..." she stammered, but her speech only got the freaks attention. He walked up, like a predator, and she was his terrified prey. "I can see you're going to be a bit of a naughty little soul." he said. "But don't you mind. Enough punishing should put you in place... Call me the soul stealer. Now get out the boat, before I take you to the punishment chambers." he growled. Kitti gulped. Punishment chambers? She didn't like the sound of that. Hurreidly clambering out of the boat, the seventeen year old girl tried hard not to start breaking down into tears. The soul stealer turned around, his trench coat blowing in the wind. Kitti gave the boat one final glance, before following the other 'souls' after the soul stealer. She looked at the souls. Still,they were silent, emotionless, and obidient as ever. Kitti climbed over another huge rocky outcrop. She couldn't beleive it. One minute, she was on her laptop. The next, her home was burning around her. Then, she had blacked out. After that, she was on a boat in the middle of nowhere. Now, she was being bossed about by a weird guy calling himself the soul stealer, with no idea what the hell was happening. Well, this was just great.

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