Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


4. Chapter three - Lovesick

Rowan stared at the new souls, walking steadily down into the soul rock mine. He observed each one, waiting for the soul stealer to appear so that he could yell at him. Now, most of the souls had hit hard ground in the mines. Rowan had no idea why - the soul rock was just so much harder to obtain all of a sudden. He knew that life would be much harder now that there would be daily punishments, but he had to at least try to give the other souls hope by rebelling with all his might. A girl walked into the mine. She looked about his age, with a terrified, confused face, and long, straight hair. Rowan couldn't help but gaze at her. Out of pity, and... what else? Was it love? Love, that he, Rowan, the strongest of the souls, felt? The girl didn't even notice him as she stumbled down the steep rocks into the full depth of the mine. The soul stealer came down behind her.

"Hurry up, you stupid soul! Get a move on!" he snarled, and Rowan instantly knew it was aimed at the girl. She flinched. Rowan stepped forwards, ready to deafend her with words. Before he could speak, the soul stealer spoke again.

"I said, HURRY UP!" the soul stealer spat. He pushed his hands forwards, and they collided hard with the girls back. She yelped as she lost her footing. As she started to fall, Rowan sprinted forwards. The girl toppled painfully down the steep rocks before Rowan could get there to steady her. Falling over, she gasped in pain as her skin scraped against the stone.

"You okay?" Rowan asked as he got to her side. He helped her up. The girl nodded, but Rowan could tell she wasn't. She was clutching one arm, and her weight was shifted to her left leg. He turned around to the soul stealer.

"So, still picking on new souls? You think you're so tough and big! You're just a bully. Making other souls do what you want. Because you're too weak to do it yourself. Weakling. Why don't you show me your face? Oh, wait, you're too afraid. Too afraid to show your real face. Wimp." Rowan spat. He turned his back on the soul stealer, and helped Kitti down into the mine.

"Rowan, Rowan. You can call me a wimp, but it will never be true. Don't you get it? Words do not affect me. Insults are useless against the soul stealer." the soul stealer laughed. Kitti stopped limping, and Rowan paused. What was she doing?

"The soul stealer. Is that your name. Oh, come on. Really? Who gave you that name, a six year old? It sounds worse than the names of those useless evil supervillans. You know, the ones who always get beaten up by the superhero's?" Kitti scoffed, without looking at the soul stealer. Rowan felt her shiver. She was scared. Scared but still brave.

"Yesw, the soul stealer is my name. I will let you off punishment this time, because you are a new soul, and you do not know anything of this place. But next time..." the soul stealer laughed, and vanished in a whirlwind of glowing silvery black magic.

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