Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


11. Chapter ten - Goodbyes

Rowan ran up to Kitti as the arrow exploded. Intense silver flames burst out of the arrow head, engulfing the soul stealer. But the flames didn't stop when he lay dead, when he had finished screaming. They covered the island.

"I can't get you off the island, I'm afraid. I didn't tell you that you would be destroyed in this fight as well. Otherwise, you might not have used the arrow. Only you, strongest soul, can use that arrow. But it will destroy the island, and I cannot pull you out of an exploding island. You have rid the world of the soul stealer, and the soul rock he used to increase his powers. So well done, and goodbye." The Soul Queens voice left Kitti's head.

"Did you hear that?" Kitti asked Rowan. He shook his head."Well, we're about to be wiped off the face of the earth - the Soul Queen tricked us." Kitti spat hatefully. Stupid Soul Queen. The flames swirled around them now, closing in like lions on prey.

"So this is it?" Rowan whispered, and Kitti nodded, her furious eyes reflecting the glow of the silver flames.

"Then I think we need a proper goodbye." he said, pulling her into an embrace. For that last second, their lips met. The flames leapt on their prey. It was the best goodbye that either Rowan or Kitti could get.

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