Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


7. Chapter six - Punished

Kitti gasped as Rowan dissapeared with the soul stealer. What had he just done? A soul behind her whimpered.

"The punishment chambers... Thats where he'll take Rowan..." another squeaked. Kitti looked around. The other souls with minds were looking worried. They couldn't believe what Rowan had done. And to be honest, neither could Kitti. Sure, she had figured out: he was brave, but this was kind of being a bit stupid!

"Pip." Kitti asked slowly. "Where are the punishment chambers?" The boy gave her directions before he could figure out what she was thinking.

"Down that tunnel. Why...?" his voice trailed off as he realised what Kitti was about to do.

"God, Kitti, don't do it! The soul stealer will tear you apart! Just stay out of there. Kitti, stop!" Pip was yelling. The other souls just watched as the boy tried to get her to change course. But she wasn't listening. Kitti walked slowly up to the tunnel that lead to the punishment chambers. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a few seconds, and then walked in.


Instantly, Pip stopped following her. Kitti didn't glance back. She knew if she did, then she would turn around and run out of the dark, damp tunnel. And then Rowan might actually die. No worse. He was already dead -  his soul might fade. She continiued down the tunnel, trying not to think of turning back. Her hands trailed across the damp walls, her fingers curling slightly, her eyes searching around everywhere in the tiny, cramped up tunnel. It was only just tall enough for Kitti to stoop down and walk in. She shivered. Why did this have to be happening to her?


Rowan winced as the glowing whip crackled and spat electricity. He was tied up, with nothing he could do about the whip as it hit his face. He screamed. And then was quiet - already the pain had made him pass out. Another lashing from the whip and he would fade. Their was silvery - blue blood trickling down his face, his fists still clenched tightly. Now the new girl, Kitti, had arrived, the soul stealer could finally dispose of Rowan. Because Kitti was stronger than Rowan, so he wasn't needed any more. The whip lashed again. Suddenly, there was a blur in front of the soul stealer, and Kitti was there in front of Rowan, with the left side of her face completely ruined. But she didn't pass out. The soul stealer growled like a dog.

"You took his blow to save his life. I'll give you a chance. Move, and don't get hit any more, or stay there, and face another two lashings. Which one?" the soul stealer smirked, thinking that she would move. Kitti stayed there, unmoving, unspeaking, and hardly daring to breathe. The whip came again, and this time, the right side of her face was the one to get ruined by both the whip and the electricity it carried. The soul stealer laughed, and whiped her again. She took the blow without a word. The soul stealer laughed again, and vanished in his magic tornado. And then, with him gone, Kitti fell to her knees, clutching her agonisingly pained face.

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