Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


8. Chapter seven - Vision

Kitti had passed out after less than a minute of lying there, too pained to scream, to pained to get up, and definately too pained to free Rowan. She'd had to save him. She'd had too. Because she had decided - she definately, completely, loved him. And so, she somehow took three hits for him. Kitti passed out, knowing at least that he was alive, and not dead yet. Yet...


She was looking at a tall, elegant, and very beautiful woman. Her long, silvery dress trailed on the floor, and she had a silver crown placed upon her snowy white hair. She hadn't got hair that was grey with age. No, it was a dazzling white, one that just emphasised how silvery and frosty she seemed to look. The womans eyes were silver. And then Kitti realised - the woman looked like a soul. Only, she was prettier than any other soul she'd seen before.

"Welcome to the palace of souls, Kitti. I, the Soul Queen, am glad to have you here. This is the place all souls should come after their body reaches death. Sadly, my son has been causing souls a lot of trouble. Killing people, and keeping their souls. That is why he called himself the soul stealer." the woman spoke. Kitti gasped.

"The... the soul stealer is your son?" she stammered. The Soul Queen nodded gravely, then sighed.

"He is indeed. Now, we don't have much time, so I'll start from the beggining...


When a person dies, the thing that makes them unique - their soul - comes up here, to the Realm of Souls. It lies far above the clouds, up in the stars that humans are still to discover. This soul will live here, in the realm of souls. Souls live for exactly three hundred years, and then they are reborn in a new person down on planet Earth again. The process is repeated, when they die, their soul comes here and so on.


However, there is one family of souls who don't ever go to Earth to be a person. That is the royal souls, so me, and my family. The ancient laws state that only a royal, female soul can rule the realm of souls. So my son, of course, couldn't be my heir. He was so frustrated that he decided to go to your planet, and steal some souls by killing innocent people. When people die at his hands, they are taken instantly to his island, and are forced to mine. As you can probably remember, you all mine soul rock. It makes the soul stealer intensely strong. In fact, it makes all souls strong. And he is getting very powerful. It is his goal to come with a huge army of souls and soul rock, and conquer the realm of souls. You are the only one who can stop him, Kitti. With a fight, you can destroy his soul. This is, like it or not, your destiny. When you go back, get every soul to swallow a piece of soul rock. For a while, I can break the power my son has on them, so they will all swallow the soul rock. Then, they will come up here, to my palace. Please Kitti, take these weapons so that you can defeat my son." the Queen held out a silvery bow, a quiver full of arrows, and a long, lightweight sword. Kitti took them.

"And take this soul stone. There is only one soul stone made every milenia, to use in times of crisis. Now is a time of crisis. Swallow this soul stone, and you will get powers beyond your imagination, and powerful armour that should help you." the Soul Queen said, thrusting a silver stone into Kitti's hand. And then it all went blank.

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