Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


2. Chapter one - Soul rock

The soul stealer gazed at the souls with hollow eyes and an emotionless face. Soul rock. The very thing that kept him alive. Most of the souls were mindless, doing only what he told them to. But some still had minds of their own. Rowan - a 17 year old boy with sharp blue-grey eyes and blonde hair - was one of them. He always argued with what the soul stealer ordered him to do. Fortunately for him, the soul stealer knew that he was one of the best miners, and without him, there wouldn't be enough soul rock. The souls who still had minds were by far the best miners, but of them all, Rowan was the one who retreived most. The soul stealer turned away from his prisoners, and wondered if he should kill some more innocent people. Exploding Rowans school had been his first strike, followed by the sinking of a huge cruise ship, a massive earthquake that killed over 300, and blowing up loads of other buildings. Yet he was not content. The soul stealer had one goal. To make every single living being on the planet into just a soul. Then, he could destroy planets, moons, whatever he wanted, leaving behind a trail of revenge. Revenge on The Soul Queen - his arch enemy. But soon, the soul queen would cease to exist, and there would be only a soul king in her place... the soul stealer wanted control over all souls.


Rowan shovelled hard at the soul rock. He would work hard when the Soul Stealer wasn't present, but when he was around, then Rowan would refuse to work at all. The only reason he actually dug up the soul rock was that the souls needed to dig up enough soul rock a day. If they didn't, then they would all be punished. Some days, they couldn't manage enough for the soul stealers liking, but sometimes, they could just about scrape past punishment. Rowan didn't care how much he was punished, but since he was the strongest soul, he felt like he had to protect the others, even if that meant working his butt off when the soul stealer wasn't present. He sighed, thrusting the shovel into the ground again. It made a a few small bits of the soul rock come loose. Somedays, they would be enough. Rowan looked at the other souls briefly. There were seven others like him - still with their own wills, only they were terrified of the soul stealer, and never argued with him. If only this had never happened to him...


"What do you mean, you can't dig any more?" Rowan echoed. The woman's lip trembled.

"I just... I just can't. See?" she said in a small voice, driving the shovel down with all her might. Nothing happened, only the shoved made a little grove in the rock.

"This is bad." he muttered, pushing the shovel downwards. He did a bit better, but he still didn't know how they were ever going to get away with having this much rock. What would happen? Would some of the weak, mindless souls just fade away? It had happened before, about twenty times. To souls who were weak and couldn't take much punishment. He looked at the other souls. How would he keep them all alive now?

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