Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


10. Chapter nine - Fight

Kitti jumped back in alarm, drawring her sword.

"Oh, so you've visited my mum, then have you? So... A one on one, is that what you want?" The soul stealer sneered.

"Yes, last one alive wins, no teleportation or magic." Kitti replied. The soul stealer studied her face for a while, then yelled,

"BEGIN!" and jumped forwards. By the time he reached Kitti, there was a sword in his hands. She gasped, and deflected his black - bladed sword, and tried to get a quick stab in afterwards. Kitti was good at this, but not because of her own abilities. Because of the soul stone she had swallowed, and absorbed its powers. The soul stealer stepped back, avoiding Kitti's stab, and he tried to slice at her arm. Kitti yelped as the blade cut into her arm. Luckily, it wasn't too deep, and it wasn't the arm she held the sword with, but it still hurt. A lot. Suddenly, Kitti turned around, and started running away from the soul stealer as fast as she could. He laughed, and followed her, but he wasn't quite as nimble as she was, running and jumping over rocks in her new armour. So luckily, he couldn't keep up.


Finally, Kitti stopped, sheathing her sword and drawring her bow. She notched an arrow, carefully aiming at the soul stealerAnd then she loosed. The arrow would have killed him if he hadn't of realised her plan, and put his sword up in front of him. Kitti grabbed another two arrows, notched tham at the same time, and let them fly. This time, one of them hit the soul stealers left shoulder, the other he deflected. He yelled in pain, and started to run towards Kitti. She fired another arrow that hit his thigh, then grabbed her bow and ran like hell. Every so often, she would turn around, and shoot. But every scared instinct inside her was screaming RUN! So she did. Kitti ran for what seemed like hours, before she realised that the soul stealer was tiring. So fired one more arrow high abover her. This arrow was her secret weapon. And then she charged.


Swords clashed as the two enemies collided. Kitti was like a furious little cat, diving in for blows, and running out again, scrapping like mad. But she was the smaller of the two of them, and the soul stealers size and experience was soon getting the better of Kitti. She was fighting like a wildcat, but every so often, the soul stealer would get a cut in - and that cut hurt Kitti like hell. So each new cut slowed her down, made her weaker, and so the soul stealer was getting even more wounds. Then, as she went in for another slice, the soul stealer sidestepped, and pushed her hard onto the floor. Her sword fell out of her hands, and skidded a few meters away on the rock. The soul stealer laughed, and raised his sword. Kitti closed her eyes, snapped her fingers, and rolled for all she was worth. Her arrow, her magic arrow from the Soul Queen, flew down at her command. It hit where she had been - where the soul stealer was. The Soul Queen, before she had left, had whispered 'This arrow is the only one that can kill the soul stealer. It explodes - be careful.' And explode it did.

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