Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


5. Chapter four - Explanation

Kitti's legs wobbled beneath her, and she almost collapsed onto the floor. Her ankle had been twisted when she fell, and her arm had been scrapede against the rogh stone. Rowan grabbed her shoulders before she could hit the floor.

"Nice insult." he commented, not sure what else to say. Then, "You need to sit down." Kitti nodded, and he half-carried, half-dragged her over to a large rock. Sitting her down, he told her,

"I'm Rowan. Whats your name?" Kitti took a deep breath. She was still shaken up. Why had she even dared to insult the soul stealer? She had been an idiot. But it had been like instinct to help Rowan in an argument. Because he had stuck up for her. And, something else... something that Kitti had never even thought of before. Love.


Kitti had never been all flirty like the other girls, never fell in love with anyone, not even the cutest guy in the most popular band in the world. And now, she liked a guy with a big mouth, who was a mine worker, and was dead. Then again, so was she.

"Kitti." She replied. "What's going on here?" Rowan sighed, and sat down next to her,like it was a long story.

"Well," he started. "I'm not great at explaining, but... I'll do my best."


"So, the soul stealer goes around killing people. He kind of, um, takes them when they're dead, and uh... takes their souls, but he can kill them, no, he has to kill them before to, um..."

"This is confusing." Kitti said. And it was. Rowan wasn't lying when he said he wasn't great at explaining. He laughed.

"Yeah. Sorry. I can usually do lots with words, but explaining? I'm no good at that. Pip, can you come here please?" Rowan called the question. A small boy dropped his mining shovel, and scampered up to them. He looked nervously at Kitti, then at Rowan for reassurance.

"Pip, this is Kitti. Could you explain all about the soul stealer, and souls please?" Rowan asked Pip. "I reckon her brains going to explode with confusion if I try to tell her." he grinned.

"Okay." Pip said. "The soul stealer is some wierd monsterous thing. He's not actually human, but we don't that much about him. We just know that he hates humans. He goes around killing them by burning or exploding buildings. When people die, he gets their souls. The souls find themselves in a boat, heading for an island. When they get to the island, he makes them work down here. We have to mine soul rock for him - nobody knows why. If we don't supply enough each day, he punishes us. At the moment, we cant get hardly any soul rock up. So every day, we are punished. It hurts so much..." the boy shivered, then continiued. "Some souls fade away, when they are hurt too much. It basically, destroys them. Souls who still have minds, like me, you and Rowan, are much better at mining than the mindless souls. They can hardly dig anything up, but we're stronger than them, and get loads up, in comparison. Its kinda wierd. There's hundreds of mindless souls, and about only twenty of us minded souls. Yet we still get up, like, five times the amount of soul rock. So, does that sum it up?" Pip asked. Kitti stared at him in shock, trying to register what he'd said.

"Uh,yeah. I think..."

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