Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


6. Chapter five - Follow

Kitti found out that she was actually really amazing at the mining. She drove her shovel harder into the rocks than anyone else Rowan knew, and in one day, she had mined just slightly over what Rowan had mined, given exactly the same time! She found that she was a natural at this - which was pretty good - because if they didn't get enough soul rock to please the soul stealer, then there would be more and more souls fading away. Hopefully, Kitti would be a strong enough soul to prevent the punishment. If she continiued with her supreme mining,then she might actually be able to give enough soul rock, and then... Then maybe the punishments wouldn't happen!


The soul stealer glared at the filled up container of soul rock. It was a large container in the center of the mine, with a pulley device attatched so that it could be lifted out of the ground. The container had only just managed to be filled, and without Kitti helping, Rowan knew that they wouldn't have done it. The soul stealer walked down toward the container, his eyes never leaving it. He circled it a few times,before finally saying,

"Enough. For tonight at least. Now, get working on the next set of soul rock. And pour that last batch into the abyss!" he commanded, and he started to dissapear. Rowan made a split second descision,and grabbed the soul stealer's arm.


"FOOL!" the soul stealer screeched in Rowans ear. Rowan looked around - he seemed to be at the top of the lighthouse. All he could see was the little island, and endless sea, all around them, keeping them trapped forever, working down in the mines,not seeing sunlight. But Rowan had just seen the sun, and it had given him hope. Hope that someday, they would break free from the soul stealer,like the sun had broken free from the clouds.

"I'm not the fool here, soul stealer. You are! Coming up in your lighthouse, thinking so greatly of yourself, when you're just a loner. You can't be with other people becasue you're a freak, so you kill, and trap dead souls here. So yeah. You're the fool." Rowan said.

"HOW DARE YOU!?" the soul stealer bellowed. "You have come INTO my lighthouse, THROUGH my magic whirlwing of teleportation, and you have freely INSULTED me! That is the last straw, Rowan. You're going to see my most beautiful punishment machine, now. The one that will most certainly kill you..."

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